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Tax Credit to Help Georgia Homebuyers

In the midst of one of this countries deepest recessions comes one of it's greatest opportunities, for new homebuyers. With mortgage rates and housing prices at an all time low, there has never been a

How to Calculate Yearly Payments on a Mortgage

Buying a house is one of the largest financial transactions most people make. Because of the high price of houses, most people need to get a mortgage to pay for the house. The mortgage usually specifies monthly payments, interest rates and the period over which the loan will be paid off. For example

Insurance For Your 4x4 Vehicle

It is advisable for owners of 4X4 vehicles to possessinsurance fortheir power cars. You never know when your car might get damaged or hit some passersby while driving. 4X4 vehicles are fast and forceful and if it hits any other vehicle or a person, there is no chance that the vehicle or the person w

Hiring a Mortgage Broker in Brisbane

A mortgage broker is a person who is able to help you secure loans from various banks and assist you with the buying options from various lenders. They act as middlemen and negotiate on your ...

Who else Needs Halifax Mortgage Products

The Halifax area has been blooming over the recent years as far as the real estate market. Consequently, people need mortgages and they need it for a wide variety of reasons.

How to Calculate Year on Year

Companies, investors and others with an interest in a company often compare financial information from the same accounting period in two consecutive years to identify changes. This provides an apple-to-apples comparison of a company's growth or decline using the same information from the same time o

Mortgage refinancing Wisconsin

Refinancing is nothing but paying existing debt by taking new loan. Mostly refinancing is done in home mortgage loan. There are many reasons for which refinancing is done like to take benefit of better interest ...

Innovative Mortgage Products

A mortgage is a home loan. Mortgage lenders agree to finance the purchase of a home in exchange for conditional right of ownership (lien) until the loan is paid off. As banks and mortgage lenders compete for business, they sometimes introduce innovative mortgage products to appeal to...

Can I Get a Special Forbearance on an FHA Loan?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has forbearance programs in place to service loans insured through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These forbearance plans offer a reduction or suspension of a borrower's mortgage payments until her financial information improves.

Can an FHA Mortgage Have a Second Lien?

The Federal Housing Administration is the world's largest government insurer of mortgages, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. An agency within HUD, the FHA has insured approximately 34 million single-family residences since its inception in 1934. FHA insurance protects len

Do You Have to Refinance a Mortgage When the Time Is Up?

Lenders issue many types of mortgage loans. Some have fixed-interest rates, and some have adjustable rates. Some are fully amortized, and some have balloon payments. In addition, some loans are a combination of two or more loans. For example, a loan can have fixed-interest rate payments for two or t

FHA Refinancing Rules After Foreclosure

A FHA refinance is possible after foreclosure with proper documentation.Documents image by GHz from Fotolia.comThe Federal Housing Administration insures mortgages for home purchases as well as refinances. A refinance loan pays off an existing mortgage with the proceeds of a new loan,...

How to Refinance a Single Wide

Refinancing a single wide manufactured home can be a bit more difficult that refinancing a traditional home. The type of foundation the single wide sits on determines whether the home qualifies for a traditional mortgage or a personal property loan. As a result, it can be difficult to refinance thro

How to Lower Your Mortgage Payment

The most common way that home owners lower their monthly mortgage payment is by refinancing an existing mortgage. By refinancing you can save yourself from paying a higher interest and therefore pay l