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What Is the Mortgage Lender Ratio?

The phrase mortgage lender ratio refers to common debt ratios used by mortgage lenders to determine the credit worthiness of prospective borrowers. These ratios establish the debt capacity of borrowers. By comparing existing debt payments relative to gross monthly income, lenders are able to decide

Be Free Of Your Second Lien Mortgage

UsLoanZ gives you a far greater possibility of obtaining the President obama mortgage principal decrease on your second lien home loan. You can get the very best loan conditions possible negotiated inside regulation. Your own ...

Collaborative and Innovation Grant Funding

Business innovation is an important factor in economic growth and development. Numerous innovation programs are devised each year in order to challenge social development and to find innovative soluti

Rent Arrears & Bankruptcy

Owing back rent, also known as rent arrears, can get you both evicted and sued by your landlord. Bankruptcy is one way of slowing down an eviction and possibly preventing a subsequent lawsuit. In bankruptcy, a judge stops your creditors from trying to collect their money while you either repay them

Advantages Of A Mortgage Loan Modification

If your home is already in danger or foreclosure, this is the perfect time that you apply for a mortgage loan modification. Thinking that this is unnecessary will do your no good. You can still ...

Free Tax Advice for Low Income

Low-income taxpayers can find free tax assistance through the federal government's IRS volunteers and through nonprofit organizations that provide free tax help to low-income taxpayers. Some states offer its residents free tax help based upon their needs and household incomes. Qualified low-income t

How to Write a Letter of Intent to Terminate Childcare

As a childcare provider, you have certain rules and regulations both the parents and the children must follow. Parents usually sign a contract with you that includes your right to terminate childcare in the event that payments are late, rules are broken or the child is not adjusting to the childcare

How to Make a Mortgage Payment Immediately After Purchase

Many borrowers want to start paying off a new mortgage immediately after purchase. This allows them to ensure that the first payment is on time and reduces the overall interest paid on the loan. The first mortgage payment is usually due two months after closing; however, it is possible to begin imme

Reviewing Lenders When Looking for the Best Mortgage

Talking about a mortgage loan it is first of all necessary to mention that it is a big financial commitment, as buying a home is the most expensive purchase most people do make. And having ...

Kentucky FHA Loan

Kentucky FHA Loan What are Kentucky FHA Loans? FHA stands for Federal Housing Authority. FHA Loans provide low-cost insured Home Mortgage Loans that suit a variety of purchasing options. Whether you're buying a home or ...

How to Refinance Your Home Mortgage in California

Refinancing your home loan can be a practical decision, especially if you secure a lower interest rate and monthly payment. In California, the refinance process lasts approximately 45 to 60 days. In that time frame, you will be asked to fill out forms and review a myriad of documents. The process ca

How to Manage Points on a Mortgage Loan

Mortgage points are an optional cost that some banks offer to people taking out a home loan. Each point costs about 1 percent of the loan and usually reduces the interest rate on the loan by about 0.25 percent. When deciding whether you want to pay the mortgage points, you should first determine whe

Commercial Stated Income Loans – Good and Bad

Commercial stated income loans can be a viable loan option for owners that have had difficulty being approved by typical banks.As the name implies, these commercial loans require less documentation th

Can I Deal With the Bank if I Don't Have Money to Pay My Mortgage?

Buying a house can be exciting, but falling behind on a mortgage can be scary and intimidating. Increasing bills, medical problems, a shift in careers or rising living costs can cause many to come up short on their monthly mortgage payments. Fortunately there are steps you can take if you don't have