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Impact Of Budget On Insurance Industry

Summary:Earlier there was no specific declaration for the insurance industry in India. But, there are few alterations which may change the complete scenario of insurance products. Except for retirement policies, all basic premium term insurance plans introduced after April 1 will have to give a mini

The Basics Of Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance is best suited for those involved in automobile trade. The insurance coverage here is best suited to address the unique needs of the motor trade business.

Kentucky Medical InsuranceUnderstand Your Options

Medical insurance underwriting is a process through which medical insurance companies consider factors such as age, health status and history, occupation, hobbies, personal habits, and lifestyle to evaluate their risk in issuing the policy.

Mountain Bike Accessories To Help Save Your Life

Mountain biking accessories come in all different forms and you do not need all of them. They also have the added advantage of reducing your bike insurance premium in addition to potentially saving your life.

Teenage Parties Not Always Covered By Home Insurance

It is something you might see on the plot of Eastenders of Coronation Street, but some people actually have to live the nightmare of seeing their home wrecked during a teenage party. This is exactly what happened to the parents of Sarah Ruscoe in Devon recently.

Flooding - The Way To Handle An Imminent Flood Risk

When flooding happens, it will be fast, sudden and devastating. Rainy climates like we have a tendency to have in Panama see it often, however almost any location can be hit by a flood after more than normal rainfalls.

Getting Really Cheap Auto Insurance

There are many ways to turn your current auto insurance into really cheap auto insurance. Everyone needs to pinch pennies these days; however, many people don't know about the many ways they could be saving money on their car insurance right now.

Weird Things Insured by Lloyd's

Lloyd's of London is known for insuring unusual risks. As explained in this article, such risks have included body parts of various celebrities.

Obligations of Your Agent or Broker

Your agent or broker earns a commission each time you buy or renew a policy. In return, he or she owes you certain obligations. Find out what these are.

Banking And Financial ServicesEssential Part Of Everyones Life

Nowadays, Banking and Financial Services are an essential part of everyone’s life. Every day people use different types of banking and various financial services. Some examples include paying utility bills or insurance premiums, shopping online or through Debit/Credit Cards. These technology d

Professional Actions And Duties

Most of the time people get confused between Expert Indemnity (PI) insurance protection, Common Responsibility, and Item Responsibility.

How to Get a Subcontractor on a Group Health Insurance Policy

If your company uses subcontractors on a regular basis, you may be able to add those individuals to your group's existing health insurance plan. Every state has slightly different rules and regulations regarding the determination of eligibility for participation in health insurance programs, but the

Physicians Disability Insurance: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Physicians can rest assured, knowing that they will be in demand for the long term: At some point in the past year, the Centers for Disease Control reported that more than 92% of children in the U.S. saw a healthcare professional, with adults a close second (at 82%) seeking healthcare in the same pe

What To Consider While Buying Life Insurance Stoke?

There is perhaps nothing that people love more than their own families. This is one of the major reasons people buy life insurance Stoke every time they feel the need for it. While there are several many financial institutions that offer life insurance to their clients, not every one of them can be

Ohio Individual Health Insurance Made Simple

Since everyone has to have Ohio Health insurance, by January 1, 2014 it is expected that premiums will rise rapidly before that. Get help from a trusted Ohio broker to find a plan that works for your family

How To Lose Money On The Stock Market

An article on ways people loose money in the stock market. For rookie investors, the stock market can be an exceptionally risky place.

Who To Look Out For Auto Insurance Springfield Mo?

The cost of the vehicle is always going to be high and thus taking care of the fact that you insure it with the right kind of auto insurance Springfield MO is going to be very much important.