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Blaming the Oil Companies for High Oil Prices is Silly

Are you one who complains that the oil companies are making too much money? Well, blaming the Oil Companies for high Oil Prices is silly; let me tell you why. If you will read Ayn Rand you will see what happens when you attack the people trying to provide civilization with what they desire.

Effect of Economy Meltdown on Commoners

Accepting the recession trend is the easiest way to rationalize the pay cuts. The liquidity crunch and low capital is the reason for stalling new expansions or diversifications in various fields.

Texas Energy Independence

Texas has its own electricity grid - not connected to the rest of the country. That gave Texas the ability to move swiftly in deregulating power markets, building transmission lines, and pursuing the development of wind energy. They didn't need to get permission because there was no Federal jur

Investment in Commercial Diving Will Save the Economy, Not NASA

It seems that every day in the news someone famous is diving into the depths of the oceans with new and innovative technology in order to explore that which human eyes have never seen firsthand. From new submersibles and new techniques, these advancements are helping to create a new era for explorat

Global Warming Crisis V Global Financial Meltdown

Which is winning here? The short term Global Financial Crisis or the unsustainable,long-lasting Global Warming Crisis? I fear the former right now while the latter (GWC) is on HOLD.

How TARP Staved Off Disaster

Did the Troubled Assets Relief Program save the world? I think I can make a good case that this much-reviled government "bailout" did just that.

The Actual Middle Class

This article is a brief description of my own and other young adults' problems regarding student loan debt. It briefly touches on President Obama's repayment plans and how they are ineffective for the middle class. Finally, it opens up the question as to who the middle class actually is in

Unemployment Rate Hits 9.8%

The November unemployment rate came in at a disheartening 9.8%, as employers added a mere 39,000 jobs in November. Friday's paltry job figures fell far short of the consensus 155,000 jobs predicted by analysts. The 9.8% jobless rate represents the nineteenth consecutive month where the unemploy

What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?

Volatility is increasing...and that's a warning sign. After a long period of relative calm, the wild gyrations are back. The combination of higher oil prices, inflation and the end of the Fed's Quantitative easing programs has investors jittery. Nevertheless, we have been operating on borr

Renewing Limited Government: Regulations

America's 40th president said many spot-on things about the massive growth of government his "progressive" foes always sought. One of my favorite quotes is this little quip Ronald Reagan had to say about the federal government: "It's like a baby. It's an alimentary cana

Breaking News - What Can Deadly Storms Teach Us About Our True Identity?

If we think we can do it alone we are fools. The storm in the Northeast has most Americans on pins and needles. While people have no control over the weather they do have control over the thoughts of mind. We have the power to choose, what we don't have is the power to choose the consequences o

European Banks Score Again

European banks recently took advantage of a program from the European Central Bank meant to increase liquidity in Europe's fragile banking system. The banks borrowed almost 500 billion euros in 3 year loans carrying an interest rate in the range of 1%.

Esther Duflo

In a poverty-stricken world where many are suffering for having less than enough and barely making it through the day, there are those who step forward and go against the downward flow so they can enable others to rise up from their poor situation. These certain group of people, called economists, c

Generation Y and the Recession

How are Gen Y coping in the recession? Some people think they will have to mend their ways, lower their expectations and so will become easier to manage. Not so. Organisations that don't continue to engage and motivate their young talent will suffer in the long term, as many did (and still do)

Countrywide's History - And New Future With B of A

In January of 2008, Bank of America purchased Countrywide for some $4 billion. For B of A, the acquisition might generate some large gains if, in the near future, the mortgage markets begin to stabilize, according to analysts. The bank remains a leader in retail deposit accounts, and is a huge comme

Equilibrium in the Market

As with all markets and their respective economies, having equilibrium is one of the key factors of a successful system. Although most markets do not reach equilibrium, they attempt at getting close. There are numerous methods devised to reach equilibrium, whether they involve human intervention dir

The Social Effects of the Recession

In the event of economic recession, it is not just money that is at stake, but also the people's morale. It changes the entire social atmosphere and affects how people go about with their own lives.