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Ruined Rural Economy - India Have We Part 2

The article deals in depth the effect of the metal industry over agro due to neglected priority of GOI and subsequent lapses in taking care of farming sector and villages.

Weathering the Storm of the Slipping Dollar

This article concerns the recent loss of value of the US dollar relative to other currencies and the possible positive effects thereof.The greenback has been slipping against the euro, the Chinese Yuan, and the pound for the past nine months or so, reaching record lows amidst a global credit crunch

Uneasiness With Wealth? No!

The economic crisis is having a devastating effect on the world at large. We have witnessed the crush of long tolerated dictators, the battering of Wall Street, the Greek and now Italian demise and the bad news just keeps coming. Pretty interesting about these scenarios is that in nearly every insta

Evolving Economies and Their Reliance on Wireless Internet

The changing face of different societies around the United States and the world is largely due to evolving economies and the general shift away from the same methods and practices of work that were employed during the industrial revolution. As the so-called 'BRIC' countries of Brazil, Russ

Living in a Goldilocks Economy

You've probably heard the term Goldilocks economy. Who would have ever thought that the market would be so interested in that little girl with the curly golden locks.

China Shipping and Logistics Industry

General Study on China's Shipping and Logistics Industry. The logistics industry is booming. At present, the state owned, private owned and foreign-funded enterprises are surviving and thriving in the competitive markets...

Iceland, No Longer The Butt Of Jokes!

When Iceland faced the failure of their big banks the populace declined their request for public bail outs. Five term president Ragnur Grimssom listened to his populace and allowed the failure default. Today Iceland prospers and is experiencing somewhat of a Renaissance!

Redistribution of Wealth

It is reported that one in eight Americans were receiving food stamps. That's around 40 million people or 12.5% of the population.

What Went Wrong? What Went Right?

We have just finished the final quarter of the federal fiscal year, during which more than 40% of the federal budget (or $200 billion) was spent with contractors, according to a recent Deltek report. In order to win these contracts, a contractor generally answers a Request for Proposal (RFP) or othe

Home Foreclosures in 2008 - How Bad Was it Really?

The housing market has been blamed for the sudden drop in the economy and the economic recession the country is facing. Yet, the worst is yet to come, some economists and others believe.

London Hotels Amidst the Financial Crunch

Without a doubt, the global financial crunch has affected practically every industry. We've seen the devastation of the automotive industry, the backlash to the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, and there have even been ripples in the tech industry. The hospitality industry isn'

How We Got Into Real-Estate Crisis

United States of America has solely and equitably enjoyed the superpower status since 1990 after the fall of Russia by posting record GDP growth rates. For decades the capitalistic principles of America have been richly rewarded by propelling innovation in defense, technology and infrastructure. The

Will Success in Connecticut Encourage Other States?

Wherever you look these days, it's all bad news. More unemployment, more foreclosures, more problems to overcome. This week has seen President Obama sign the new Stimulus Package into law, but that is somehow a bit distant.

It's Still The Economy, Stupid

The economy, stupid was a phrase widely used during Bill Clinton's successful campaign against George Bush Snr. Right now, we could simplify the phase even further in relation to the prospects for the UK and US in 2008; Its the housing market, stupid.

Stop Hoarding Rice - It Only Harms You

In this article, the writer explains why rice hoarding may sound great, but actually only harms the consumer in the long run. It also offers more effective suggestions to what the consumer can do instead in view of current price hikes. The article also includes certain sources of information that ca