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2012: An Economic Outlook

No economist claims to being right all the time, but if you can be on the money over half of the time then you are doing remarkably well. Bearing in mind that predicting global economic movement is like predicting the weather using your intuition, here are some predictions for 2012, organised into f

Multinational Corporations: MNCs

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are those private companies that work in more than one country. They produce or provide goods or services at higher quality and according to the latest global norms. They also employ the best human resource in a country and those build brand images that are unique,

The New Economic Policy Preaches Stability and Growth

The new economic policy of the current US government has the focus on economic recovery and the financial reconstruction. This new policy states that the current economic crisis occurred due to the irresponsibility of many years. The first priority of the new economic policy is centered to create jo

The Credit Crunch - The Peanut Gallery is Watching & Waiting

One of the most read, recent articles in the business section of UK newspaper, The Guardian, is by Will Hutton. In his piece, entitled, "Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake - it was a con," the writer gets down to business and baldly accuses banks of not mis

Stimulus - A Key Component to a Dynamic Recovery

In applying the principals of modern economics, government stimulus can play a very important role in shaping the duration and depth of a recession.The right type of stimulus can shorten the duration and severity of a recession.Whether a recovery is flat or "V" shaped, may depend on the ri

Reaping the Fruits of Patience

We have a mixed bag of goodies to choose from, a housing crash, a stocks crash, credit card crisis and economic panic. We as a nation have been impacted by all of this and we need to treat this as life's lessons never to be forgotten.

Importance of a Complementary Educational Agenda for DR-CAFTA

Drawing primarily upon documents produced by UN agencies, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, this brief addresses the following question: Is there a need for concern about CAFTA's potential impact on efforts to improve education systems in Central America; especially effort

Housing Crisis and Lower Income Home Owners

The article details the fact the lowest price homes in markets all across the US have experienced price drops greater than homes which cost more. This is no surprise and it is the natural consequence of artificial incentives instilled into the housing market by the Community Reinvestment Act origina

Three Economic Trends to Watch in 2006

In 2005 the United States economy did well and appeared to be holding up the world economies too, as we bought goods from and gave aid to so many other nations.

Blackpool Hotels Will Suffer If the Blackpool Illuminations Close Down!

Blackpool Council put 500,000GBP towards the illuminations to make up for the lack of donations it has received from hotels and other businesses. Last year, 33,000GBP was donated by local businesses to just 23,000GBP this year. At one point the donations topped 110,000GBP but this has slowly decline

Bird Flu And Its Possible Impact On The Indian Economy

Bird flu has struck India at a small scale right now. It is yet to become a major cause of concern for the country. However, there are signs that the Indian government and the people are taking this threat more and more seriously. Already, there has been a huge initiative to cull out thousands of ch

How Should The Chinese People Do With Inflation?

Inflation refers to an economy in a period of time when the amount of paper money issued exceeds the amount necessary for smooth regulation and thus the price of goods increases. So the buying power of a currency drops with too much paper money on the market. Our country’s inflation rate is in

Non Government Organization is Essential For the Uplift of Poor

Poverty has spread its wings too vast that we all get to see people and children lying on footpaths, staying in tents by the roadside and infants begging at traffic signals. The entire scenario is such that there has been a continuous urge for help. Whether it is about helping poor or backward peopl

So, Where Does All The Money Come From?

When the subject of Capital Homesteading comes up, the first question is always, where's all the money going to come from? It's the right question and here's the answer to it.

Fatigue of the Global Economies

The financial crisis that emanated from the U.S. Housing Bubble in 2007 had spilled deep into the Debt Market of the U.S. by late 2007. It was not until the 2nd week of Jan 2008 when the BASEL II committee submitted its report on the lurking security fears in the International credit markets that th

About Productivity in Economics

Productivity is an economic concept which measures the efficiency of production. This is represented by a simple ratio of the resources that are required to produce a certain output.The ratio could be calculated for labour (human resources), capital or land, but the last two have little significance

Microsoft Logs On To Google Complaint, To Alter Vista

Microsoft agreed to make changes to its Windows Vista operating system in response to a complaint by Google that a feature of Vista is anticompetitive, lawyers involved in the case said.The settlement, reached in recent days by state prosecutors, the justice Department and Microsoft, averted the pro

The Government May Say Recession is Over, But Not Job Losses

After a long recession full of layoffs, stressful thoughts of paying bills and mortgages, long hours of wondering how health care was going to be paid and the ups and downs of the stock market, the recession is finally receding. Eleven recessions have existed since World War II and this one has been