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Can Banks Take Checking Accounts If You Default on Credit Cards?

If you take out a loan using a credit card, you are legally obligated to pay it back within a specified time period. If you don't, the company has several options to force you to pay. Among these is account seizure, which can only be undertaken under certain circumstances and only with a judge's per

How to Compare Pre-Paid Debit Cards Side by Side to See Which Is Best

A prepaid debit card looks and functions like an ordinary credit or debit card, with one crucial difference. You must pre-load the card with money before using it, while a regular credit card runs up debt and a traditional debit card takes money from your bank account. Prepaid debit cards are great

What Do You Mean by Ratio Analysis?

In order to analyze the balance sheet and profit and loss account pertaining to any firm, ratio analysis serves as an important tool. Especially seasoned bankers and financial institutions are making use of different kinds of ratios so that they are able to arrive at effective solutions towards arri

How to Apply for a Credit Card with Poor Credit

Credit cards are part of everyday life. They can be used to purchase almost any item. If you want to make an online purchase, book a flight, or reserve a hotel room, you need a credit card. Your credit card is typically requested when checking in to a hotel to guarantee payment. If your credit ratin

Ten Free Credit Repair Tips

When you are down with your credit, you will find that life becomes very difficult. Everywhere you turn for a major purchase you need a good credit history. Therefore, you need to repair your credit record as fast as possible.

How An Instant Credit Report Can Be Useful

Credit reports are highly useful for knowing your credit rating. But, sometimes, you may need a report urgently, for which, you can opt for getting an instant credit report. This can be got online and that is the reason it used to be called as an online credit report.

How to Make Sure Your Free Credit Score is the Real Deal

With all the sites on the internet offering free credit scores, how will you know the credit score you're getting is the score lenders use to decide whether or not to approve your application? Here are a few tips to help you tell the difference.

5 Reasons to Get a Gas Reward Credit Card

Many companies offer gas reward credit cards as a way to buy gas. These cards are similar to regular credit cards except that they are designed to pay for gas at the pump. If you are thinking about getting a card, it can provide you with some benefits when you buy gas.

Repair Your Credit Before Christmas

Did you know that you can repair your credit before Christmas! Honestly, all it takes is roughly 3 months or less with a good professional credit repair agency in order to restore your credit rating. Some agencies can repair your credit in as little as two and a half months. You can also try to repa

Maximum Limit For a Student Credit Card

For this reason you need to know the maximum limit for a student credit card. Its highest credit limit states that a credit card issuer is eager to approve for a certain credit card. You can find this in credit card solicitations and/or in credit card applications. Bear in mind that it is required t

Credit Cards and Merchant Solutions

Credit cards are an essential part of doing business these days. For better or for worse, customers expect to pay with plastic, and are often unable to make purchases if you do not accept credit card payments. Companies that process credit card transactions are called merchant services providers. Th

5 Tips for Finding the Best Citibank Credit Card

Citibank offers a wide variety of credit cards, including both Visa and MasterCard cards.Which you choose to apply for should depend on how you will use the card and what features are most important t

How Do You Obtain Your Equifax Free Credit Report?

Your credit report includes information on where you live, how you pay your bills, whether you've been sued, arrested, or whether you have filed for bankruptcy. The 3 major credit bureaus and are required by law to provide you with a free annual credit report at your request.

South African Credit Cards

South African credit cards are available to suit different credit needs. Find out what you need to know about applying for a credit card in South Africa.

Surety Bonds and The Rise of Bad Credit Programs

A look at the surety bond industry and its reluctance in writing for those with poor credit.We examine when this reluctance occurred and reasoning for it.Finally we look at how this mentality has started to change and where its headed in the future.

UK County Court Judgments Rocket

The number of UK consumers with County Court Judgments registered against them for unpaid debts rocketed last year in yet another concerning indication of the UK's over-indebtedness. A massive, 843,853 people had County Court Judgments registered against them, up by a third compared to last yea

Demand Low Interest Credit Cards

There are many ways that you can save money, including with credit cards. Of course, in order to benefit in this way, you must demand low interest credit cards. Your creditors may not be offering ...

Some Information on 0 Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Credit cards are being used on a wider basis all over the world because of its various benefits. the main benefit is that it can be carried and used anywhere without having to carry nay liquid cash. when you are issued with one you need to be an annual fee so that you can sue these efficiently. when

A Good Credit Score And How To Keep It

What is credit score? It is what tells your creditor whether you will be able to pay of your loan and also decides if you will have a high or low interest rate. It consists of three numbers. If your credit score is low, then there is every possibility that your loan application will be disapproved,