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How to Negotiate Down My American Express Credit Cards

When you open an American Express credit line, you make an agreement with the company to pay back the money you borrow. If you fail to make good on your obligation, American Express has the legal right to pursue you for full repayment. The company may even sue you in court and get a judgment to garn

Do You Care About Your Credit (FICO) Score?

The credit (FICO) score is a three digit number that summarizes your credit report. The credit (FICO) score is also referred to as FICO score because this score is given to an individual or an organization by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) and, therefore, the scores are generally referred to as c

Low Credit Card Rates - Do They Exist?

There are two ways of availing the lowest credit card rates. The most common example is when card companies offer attractive packages such as zero charges and 0 percent APR for an introductory period that ranges from 3 to 12 months.

Choosing the Right Type of Credit Card

Whether you currently have several credit cards or are getting your very first one, it's important to do some thorough research of the many types that are available. Banks, financial institutions and credit companies are always happy to answer any of your questions, especially if you're a

Effective Ways to Build Business Credit

No business person starts a new venture with all the needed funds. Though the promoter is expected to put in the seed capital, they are sure to have planned on obtaining credit for use as working capital, for expansion, and for diversification.

VA Mortgage Loans - Getting VA Mortgage Loans With Unsettled Credits

The Veterans Administration is a government body that offers a number of services to veterans including loans. If you are a veteran, or have a close family member who is, you may be able to get a mortgage from the Veterans Administration even if you have a bad credit history.

Can a Credit Card Lien Take Money Out of a Checking Account?

Credit card companies and other debt collectors can place a lien on your property, such as a house. The lien forces you to satisfy the debt to the credit card company if you sell the property. The lien must be paid off as part of the real estate transaction. However, a lien does not allow the credit

You Can Now Erase 50% of Your Credit Card Debt Legally and Ethically

Many American people are struggling to get out of debt. Unknown to many, there are actually laws to protect consumers and tactics that lawyers can use to decrease your credit card debt by at least half of what it currently is. Sometimes it is even possible to reduce it by 66%.

Read About How to Fix Credit

Having a decent FICO score is very important because more often than not, this will determine if you qualify for the loan or charge card that you applied for. A low FICO score is usually equivalent to high interest rates and lower loan amounts.

Restore Bad Credit With These Expert Credit Repair Tips

If you want to restore your financial position, you will have to improve your bad credit. There are numerous experts in the market who offer to do a very good job. Before you even consider these offers, you will have to understand why it is important to restore bad credit and how it is advisable to

Free Credit Report Services- How to Get it Done Online

Are you aware of the benefits in getting your credit report checked online? If yes, then you probably understand the most pivotal factor that can influence your credibility in receiving financial loans easily. Whether it's ...

How to Terminate All Credit Card Debt

Dependency on credit cards is a big problem in America. The average family owes $8,000 in credit card debt, according to the American Bankers Association. Making the minimal monthly payments on your credit cards won't help you get out of debt---and you'll end up spending a lot more money in the long

Facts About Credit Scores

H°µ … recently applied fr a loan °nd nt approved bµ°…•µ f …r low rating? Lenders °rµ using financial score t determine the creditworthiness f a borrower. Y…r financial attributes °rµ utilized -n a formula ...