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Collective Bargaining in Today's Ireland

I Wish to investigate the matter of collective bargaining in Ireland as an approach to the negotiation process & is Collective bargaining moving away from modern day HRM and its subsidiaries.

How to Become a Basic EMT

An emergency medical technician, or EMT, is responsible for helping someone in an emergency medical situation before a doctor or nurse is able to help. EMTs transport those who need medical attention to hospitals. A basic EMT is the first responder in an emergency situation. The basic EMT analyzes a

Discover The Job Interview Follow Up Secrets

The job interview has always been a vital role in establishing the best individual to fill the role at a company. The first step that a company hopes to achieve is to find candidates that match their

What Can a Former Employer Say During a Background Check?

As an employer you need to know what you legally can and can't say about past employees when people are calling for an authorized employment screening background check. This is an area where you can't afford to make a mistake or worse yet, let opinions get in the way. Company policies are

How to Be a Brand Ambassador, Promotional Talent, Promo Model

Want to learn how to become a Brand Ambassador. Brand Ambassadors are hired by promotional staffing agencies, promotional modeling agencies, and event marketing agencies to give out marketing materials, hand out flyers, give away brochures, host a booth, greet customers, give surveys to customers, g

How to Create a Professional Job Resume

Creating a professional-looking resume is an important part of the job search. A strong, properly formatted resume can distinguish you from other candidates and help you reach the next step in the hiring process: a phone call or an interview. A professional-looking resume does not rely on fancy font

Phone Interview Tips and Questions

Phone interviews are an important part of getting through your dream job. If you can impress your employers then you have a good chance of getting through your job or getting a face to face interview call!

4 Specific Skills Required For All Types Of Social Workers

To become a licensed social worker, qualification is very important. Even for entry level jobs, professionals in this field are required to have a Bachelors degree. Although job specifications can often vary country to country, there is no doubt that everywhere in the world well-educated social work

What Is a Proxy Measure?

"Proxy measure" is a fancy way to describe a specific method used to measure performance when more specific data is not available. Many companies, businesses, hospitals, correctional facilities, rehabilitation programs and schools use these to estimate their efficiency.

How to Train & Grow Rich

Training can be an exciting and rewarding career. If you enjoy interacting with people on a personal level and sharing information, working as a trainer may be the occupation for you. There are unlimited options to consider when deciding on a subject to offer training services in. The key is to find

Entry-Level Salaries for the Advertising Industry

Almost every type of business relies on some form of advertising to attract new customers and drive sales. Advertising professionals can help businesses to succeed in this way by either working in the marketing departments ...

Plant Manager Salary in Texas

Every year, a countless number of products and goods are made in factories and plants around the country. Plant managers essentially oversee the the manufacturing process. They may direct the entire operation or just specialize in a certain part of the process. Plant managers manage schedules, en

Job Requirements for an Emergency Room RN

Emergency room nurses must handle a wide variety of critical situations.patient image by JASON WINTER from Fotolia.comEmergency room nurses are registered nurses who focus on treating patients who come to the emergency room with critical conditions, according to the Education-Portal...

What Can You Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing?

Someone who has a bachelor's degree in nursing has learned to administer medication, take vital signs of patients, read laboratory work, and assist a physician in all areas of the hospital, including surgery. Having a bachelor's degree in nursing qualifies a nurse to work for government offices and

List of Jobs Requiring Math Skills

Nurses use math to determine medication dosages.nursing duties image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.comFrom nursing to flying a plane, numerous jobs require mathematics. You don't need advanced calculus classes for most job-related math, but skills in algebra and geometry will help you in...