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Duties of a Functional Analyst

Functional analysts are business analysts who work in a variety of different fields like health care finance or information technology. As the title suggests, they are responsible for a number of different analytical duties. While functional analysts in each industry have varying...

Cover Letters - Important Do's and Don'ts You Need To Know

More people change their jobs more often now than in the past. In the competitive world of recruitment you need to make sure that your application stands out from the rest. Here are some important do's and don'ts when writing your cover letter.

Secretarial Recruitment: How To Get It Right The First Time

Behind every successful executive is a dutiful personal secretary, or so the saying goes. Secretarial recruitment is one of the things no one wants to get wrong. There is simply no room for mistakes in secretarial recruitment, as a poor choice of a secretary can be extremely costly to an organizatio

Pre-Employment Screening - Becoming An Essential Requirement

Employers are not taking employees on their payroll nowadays without following proper pre-employment screening procedures. They wish to compile accurate data on every prospective employee before they offer him the job and typically these consist of his driving records, criminal records if any, past

Construction Security Guards Orange County

In the last year criminals have increasingly targeted construction sites in Orange County stealing tools, materials and computers worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Campus Interview Tips

Campus interviews are the most significant part of a candidate's life. As soon as the graduation time close to you, your concentration is shifted to the interview preparation as much it is on

The Best Jobs for Retirement

Many people think that once you reach retirement age, your working life is over. But it does not have to be that way. Perhaps you want to earn some extra cash or maybe you are just bored and looking for something to do. Either way, you can continue to work after you retire in a number of fields, dep

How to Machine Steel

Steel is one of the hardest materials you will encounter as a machinist. The key to properly machining steel is the use of carbide tooling and slow feeds and speeds. The speeds relate to the speed of tool or workpiece rotation and feeds refer to the speed of the spindle or tool movement along each a

7 Easy-To-Implement LinkedIn Strategies

Just because you have 500+ LinkedIn connections does not mean you have a strong support network. And it definitely doesn't mean that you're connecting to your connections.

The Responsibilities of a Traffic Coordinator of an Advertising Agency

Traffic coordinators are responsible for helping projects get completed smoothly.Office image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.comTraffic coordinators play an important role in advertising agencies by ensuring a smooth work flow as products go from the account planning team to the...

High end cars should you buy new or pre owned

Owning a vehicle is a necessity for many people. However, due to the economic needs of many, purchasing a brand new vehicle is out of the question for many people, especially if they would like ...

Average Salaries for Physical Therapy Technicians in Arizona

Physical therapy technicians work under the supervision of physical therapists in health clubs, health care centers and rehabilitation service facilities. Technicians help therapists provide treatments to patients with pain, injuries and disabilities. Therapy treatments help relieve pain, rehabilita

Summer Jobs in Ecology

If you are an environmental studies student in college, then the winter and early spring seasons are perfect for job hunting for the summer. Depending on the area of your interest, there may be numerous options to get your foot in the door for ecology-related jobs. Being able to identify your area o

How to Challenge Yourself at Work

We are faced with challenges every day in our careers. One way to maintain job security and mental stimulation is to challenge yourself daily at the workplace. There are many ways to instigate a challenging, yet fun, situation. A challenge does not always have to be a bad thing. You may even start t

The Secret History Of Agen Judi Bola Terbesar

People have provided some valuable hints in the following paragraphs, just that you should study! Many individuals have played baseball with excellent interest through the years, knowning that passion constantly demonstrates. Tune in to your ...

LLCs and Employment Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service does not recognize a limited liability company for income tax purposes. Income taxes, the company's income and expenses are passed through to its members, as owners are called, with the IRS treating a multimember LLC as a partnership. It labels the single-member LLC a "d