Can I Build Muscles Up and Drink Alcohol?

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Two Crazy Double Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell training is fantastic for losing fat, building lean muscle, and helping you get into great physical condition... but if you've primarily been doing your training with only one kettlebell, you're missing out! Double kettlebell exercises pack a great deal more 'metabolic whal

Can I Build Muscles Up and Drink Alcohol?

Many bodybuilders especially amateur weight lifters and bodybuilders enjoy the odd alcohol beverage now and then whether it be a glass of wine, beer or spirits. Here we ask just what affect this has on our body and is it ok to drink if we want to build up muscles.

Everything You Ought To Know About Weight Lifting

Anyone attempting to gain strength and build muscle will want to learn about weight lifting. This is the most effective exercise that can be done in order to increase muscle mass. There are few important things to understand before you begin any form of exercise regimen. This includes any weight lif

Get Lean Muscle - 3 Things You Need to Consistently Gain Lean Muscle

Many people make the decision to start working out to try and lose weight and gain lean muscle on their bodies. This could be because their health is in jeopardy, or to regain confidence. However most, if not all, exercisers will experience a period where their body doesn't seem to change. This

Measure What You Eat

When you begin your research on the diet for how to build weight and how to build muscle, the first thing that you have to learn is to accurately read the food labels. The amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, starch and calories that you eat plays an important role in your weight gain

Get a Flat Stock and Six Packs

Six packs or flat stomach are becoming increasingly popular and everyone seems to be crazily working-out for them. Getting a flat stomach is the first step to getting six pack stomach. Nevertheless both require hard work and strong dedication whether you aim to become a model, or simply show off you

How To Acquire Muscles Instantly

The route to muscle building is a lengthy and arduous one, but fortunately a handful of shortcuts are detected by the growing science of sports physiology.

How to Get Big Calf Muscles

When it comes to exercising the body, one of most underdeveloped parts for people looking to build muscle is the calf muscles. There can be a number of factors that determine how developed your calf muscles are, but it all boils down to genetics or lack of exercise. Below I have listed my 3 personal

Blasting the Biceps - The Blue-Print for Massive Guns

As with any other muscle group of the body, there are those exercises that work the muscles of the biceps particularly well. Many of those exercises are noted below, and in conjunction with one's upper back training or triceps training, the following instruction will suffice as an adequate guid

Muscle-Building and Extreme Dieting Don't Mix

You can't burn the candle at both ends. Trying to build muscle and going on a starvation diet simply won't work. Some people take their dieting too far and really destroy their weightlifting routine.

Weight Lifting Workouts - 7 Explosive Tips That Let You Lift Like a Champion

These fundamental parts of weight lifting workouts are often misunderstood. Learn how to lift exactly right, and you will never shortchange your muscles! Observe form over content: Follow the exercise descriptions and pictures of your program carefully to get maximum muscle benefit while preventing

5 Great Tips on Getting Tight Abs for Men

Getting perfectly toned and tight abs is probably the dream of every man. We all know that it is not so easy to achieve. Still there are many ways, by which you can earn those dream abs. We have revealed below 5 effective tips on how to get tight abs for men.

How to Get a Six Pack - A Guide For Women

So everyone has guides for getting a six pack. They are all over the internet and everywhere else. However, most people only focus on getting the really ripped six pack. However, some, even most women don't want that. They just want a flat toned stomach. If that is you then read on to get some

Learn How to Build Lean Muscle Mass

Learning how to build lean muscle mass is absolutely critical when you want to develop a strong fit body that appears as so!There are specific things that you can do in order to quickly build that muscle mass that you absolutely looking for!The great thing is that when you do build lean muscle mass,

Flatten Your Abs - 3 Weird Secrets To Getting 6-Pack Abs

Getting a great Physique is always going to be a challenge, and nothing screams dedication like a Flat and Toned Stomach. Unfortunately there is so much mis-information out there on methods of obtaining a Flat and Toned Stomach; it is difficult to understand what methods will work and what methods a