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Rep Schemes for a Much Needed Change

Training with different rep schemes is a great way to gain muscle, beat a rut and an excellent change for your body. Here is a collection of a few rep schemes for you to try, master and add to your repertoire. Bennett

How to Get a Fantastic Butt

When many women lose weight fast they also lose their butts. Add these exercises to your weight loss program and watch your tush go from flabby to fabulous.

The Top Secret to Developing a Muscle Weight Training Program

Are you sick and tired of having flabby muscles? Are you not satisfied with your current body? You know there are a few key muscle weight training exercises that you can do if you want to build muscle mass. When done correctly, you will see astonishing results.

How to Get Six Pack Abs For Women by Using Tried and Tested Methods

Did you watch the recent Victoria's secret fashion show? If so then you would have noticed all the models sporting fantastic six-pack abs. We are not talking the kind of six-pack abs that appear on men. They had perfect six-pack abs that perfected a woman's shape. So how do they do it?

Muscle Building Workout Schedule - Beginner Level

This article will teach you how to set up your perfect muscle building workout schedule. Firstly, a perfect muscle building workout schedule means different things to different people. A perfect schedule for a beginner and one for an advanced bodybuilder will be totally different. In This lesson, I

IGF1 and Muscular Development

When growth hormone travels from the pituitary gland to the liver it stimulates the production of insulin-like growth factors (IGFs), which are polypeptide protein hormones. Though there are a number of varieties, among the various IGFs, IGF1 is of the most interest to weightlifters due to its capac

Build a Broader Back

Back muscles often get the least attention (almost as bad as legs). However, this could lead to muscle imbalance, slouched shoulders and joint pain. Building your back muscles will help realign your joints and bring some balance to your physique. Here are three exercises you can use to help.

Why Having a Home Gym Setup WillHelp You Gain Muscle Fast

When you want to gain muscle fast, it is important that you both know what you are doing and have the right equipment available to you.I love working out at a gym, but I have found having my own home gym equipment to be a deciding factor in how fit I get.

Muscle Building Secrets For Boys

Muscle building is back, fully and completely and there is no denying that. Boys are now fanatical about getting their body in shape due to many reasons. Maybe because it makes them look better in whatever they are wearing and they feel more confident that way. There are many muscle building secrets

How to Tone Your Body

There has been much controversial conflict when one speaks about toning the body and most people think that toning the body means firmer muscle definition and the way to get this firmer definition is to do body building or lift weight. Let's take a look at how to tone your body and what toning

Muscle Hypertrophy - The Contributions of Growth Factors

The growth of muscles is very crucial in every individual. Muscles are very important part of our body. It facilitates locomotion, provides strength to the body, maintains figure by giving shape, protects the internal organs for possible trauma and many more.

Bodybuilding - What Every Body Builder Should Know

Before you start with bodybuilding, you have to keep in mind that there will be many types of workouts that will be hard work, and require discipline and perseverance. It will be a shame to get started only to give up in the end. So, if you are wondering how to get started or if you simply cannot wa

It's Easy to Build Muscle the Natural Way

With all of the athletes and bodybuilders that are turning to steroids to bulk up, it's no wonder why people think that they can't build muscle on their own. There is a way to build muscle the natural way without the assistance of any artificial or synthetic substances. Diet is the most im

For Bigger Calves - Focus on the Perfect Rep

Sometimes just the most basic things make the biggest difference in achieving success. Many trainers don't achieve the results they want because they forget about the basics. This is also true in calf training. One of these basics is the execution of what I call the "Perfect Rep". Exe