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How Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Work?

Determine Whether Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Right for YouWhen new bankruptcy legislation was enacted several years ago, part of the law set guidelines about who could file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and who had to file Chapter 13. Because Chapter 13 is messier and more expensive, first see...

Can a Debtor File an Objection to a Chapter 13 Wage Order?

A Chapter 13 wage order allows the debtor's employer to take the money due under the repayment plan right from his paycheck. A debtor can ask the court for a wage order to help stay on the repayment schedule on his own or his bankruptcy trustee may recommend it, and some bankruptcy districts require

Why Bankruptcy Should Be the Last Option For Credit Card Debt Relief

Credit card debts are very easy to fall for and previously when the recession occurred, there were many people who had huge amounts of credit card debts. To get free from these kinds of liabilities, borrowers used to file for bankruptcy which is a legal process to get free from debts and engages cou

The Long-Term Effects of Job Loss

Job loss can have both macro and micro effects. During large layoffs, not only do the unemployed suffer the economic impact, but local businesses do as well. Grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, malls, and most retail outlets suffer during times of significant job loss. For the individual, job

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Information

If you have debts that you want to pay but don't see any way to get them paid off then you really need chapter 13 bankruptcy information. While bankruptcy should be a last resort, this solution can provide you with a court designed repayment plan that will benefit both you and your creditors.

What Happens to Your Time Share When You Die?

Owning a property in an exotic vacation location can be within your reach when you buy a time share. With a time share, you purchase the right to use a property for a certain time period each year, usually for a week. Your ownership in a time share is generally a fee-simple ownership of real estate,

When it Comes to Bankruptcy Which is Your Number - 7 Or 13?

Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is very different.If you are facing bankruptcy you want to have a clear understanding of both so you are sure to choose the one that will help your situation the most.Bankruptcy is a serious step with long term effect so you want to make good choices.

The Facts About Bankruptcy

Many people from the UK consider bankruptcy as a way to brush away their debt but they do not take into consideration the serious consequences that are related with bankruptcy.

Honesty Is the Best Policy When Filing Bankruptcy

Over the last few years there has been a large number of Americans filing bankruptcy as a way out of unsustainable debt. Even though the government has been reporting numbers that would make one think that the recession is over, it's obvious there is a lot more downside to come. The naysayers n

Can One Spouse File for Chapter 13 & the Other for Chapter 7?

Married couples can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy together, Chapter 13 bankruptcy together, or one or both spouses can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies separately as long as both meet guidelines set forth by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Filing separately results in two filing fees, whereas filing

Entry Level Salary for an OB/Gyn in Nursing

The term "OB/Gyn" is an abbreviation for obstetricians and gynecologists. These practitioners often work in smaller or private clinics and provide health services and nursing treatments for women. OB/Gyn practitioners help prevent diseases and conditions in patients to promote a healthy reproductive

Assigned Claim Vs. Owner of Debt

While taking out a loan seems like an agreement between yourself and a specific bank or institution, debt is often treated like a commodity. Debts can be bought and sold between banks, debt collectors and even individuals. The job of collecting on past-due debts can be assigned to collectors who don

Ways to Get Bleach Out From Carpet

Bleach is a powerful and corrosive cleaning agent, and if not handled carefully, it can damage and discolor household surfaces. Never attempt to clean carpet with bleach, but if you mistakenly spill or drip some, you can remove the stain with the proper solutions. But act fast, because the longer yo

What Bills to Pay After the Loss of a Job

When your income drops after a job loss, you might find yourself unable to pay all of your bills. Although missing payments on all types of bills can trigger late fees and damage your credit score, some have more serious consequences as well. Focus on the most important bills first if you cannot aff

Are You Ready To Declare Bankruptcy?

You have been avoiding calls form credit card companies for a long time now. You have apile of unpaid bills from banks, foreclosure notice, etc.You just dont know what to do with your overloaded debts.Now, you are thinking of declaring bankruptcy. But are thesereasons enough for you to declare bankr

When to File Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy are two options for Americans who are having trouble paying down their debts. When unemployment rises and incomes fall, more and more people contemplate bankruptcy as a valid option to solve their financial woes. In some situations, bankruptcy is a good choice for

Bankruptcy Vs Debt Settlement - A Comparison

If debt is getting the better of you, it is time to seek debt settlement. With financial crisis eating at your mental peace, it is important to understand how the liabilities lead to bankruptcy.

Do Personal Bankruptcy Filings Make You an Irresponsible Person?

Is it really so difficult to understand why some of the people find themselves in difficult financial circumstances?Debt is a serious problem which plagues too many American families.People have to take responsibility for their own problems, but aggressive lenders like credit card companies should n