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Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney in Chicago, IL

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a huge decision, and it is a decision that most people take quite a while to make. Even when they make the decision, they do not always know exactly what they are go

Laws on Nevada Corporations

Nevada law inspires small business to incorporate.incorporations articles image by Keith Frith from Fotolia.comNevada and Delaware share the mantle as the most corporate-friendly states in the Union based on tax rates and liability protections, among other things, but for small...

The Benefits of Having a Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you find yourself swamped in more debt than you can handle, then get yourself a bankruptcy lawyer. They will help you determine what solutions are available to help you regain control of your life.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Complex Political Issues

When is it advantageous to hire a lawyer with no bankruptcy experience to handle the bankruptcy finances of a local government? Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the capital city of a U.S. state, showed that this is feasible.

File Personal Bankruptcy With Online Bankruptcy Forms

Filing Bankruptcy by individuals and businesses, who are financially devastated, is a common occurrence. In fact, Bankruptcy filings are growing so fast that the average debtor now sees it as a financ

What Happens With Creditors I Leave Off my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Upon filing chapter 7 bankruptcies, many debtors often forget to add, or purposefully leave off, some of their creditors from their chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is centered around locating all of your debts and discharging them through the bankruptcy unless formal arrangements are mad

How to Incorporate Both Eastern and Western Ways of Knowing Into a Classroom

The migratory tendency of people around the world is making the U.S. a more diverse country, where cultural knowledge and philosophies can be shared. Eastern cultures have long established the correlation between mind-body well-being and intellectual development. By integrating both Eastern and Wes

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Keep My Home?

Personal bankruptcy is usually a legal procedure that takes away an individual and corporation through their overwhelming financial obligations. This is the legal court process allow you to battle the

How to Stop a Back Tax Levy and Bankruptcy in Evansville, Indiana

If the IRS has sent you a notice, informing you that you send owe taxes, you can count on the IRS placing a lien against your property if you do not pay the taxes within 10 days. It may be unlikely that you will come up with enough money in 10 days to pay the tax bill in full. In that case, you want

Do Bankruptcies Ever Get Dismissed Because of Fraud?

In preparing to file for bankruptcy, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration. For example, a person contemplating pursuing a bankruptcy case might wonder whether bankruptcies ever get dismissed for fraud. Bankruptcies do get dismissed for fraud, with other penalties being imposed u

How to Create an LLC in South Carolina

When creating a business it's important to keep in mind which organizational form will be most advantageous to you. Should you decide to create an LLC (limited liability company) in South Carolina, you can experience the tax advantages and legal protections inherent in this business model. You can a

Finding Chapter 13 Attorney

After the recession and liquidity crunch of 2007, due to high price rise many people are facing hardship in making payments toward credit bills or mortgage. As a result they cannot keep up with their monthly debt payments.

Accounting & SOX Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, also known as SOX, is legislation enacted in 2002 response to perceived problems with accounting for public corporations. The act attempts to make corporate accounting more transparent as well as increase the independence of accounting firms from the influence of their client

How to Calculate Taxable Income for an S-Corp

A small business with no more than 100 shareholders can choose to be recognized as an S corporation. Businesses that elect S-corp status do so primarily for the tax benefit, which allows for the income of the business to be passed through to the shareholders without the business paying any taxes.

Non-Dischargeable Debts

Although bankruptcy offers debtors a unique method to escape creditor collection calls and restart finances after poor decision making or unexpected financial downturns, it is not without its exceptions. When most people consider how debts are released in bankruptcy, they are thinking of debt discha