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Delaware Corporate Seal Requirements

A corporate seal is a requirement for some legal documents.Corporate building image by Christopher Dodge from Fotolia.comA corporate seal, a handheld device that prints a company's name, state of formation and date, is a mandatory requirement for official documents such as leases, deeds...

What Tax Information Is Needed to File Bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy protection, you must provide the court with income information, debtor information and a complete financial snapshot. The bulk of the documentation features tax-related documents. Hiring an attorney will likely ensure that you do not forget to supply any key tax document

Chapter 13 Individual Vs. Joint

Both individuals and couples can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When only one spouse has accumulated debt, his partner does not go into bankruptcy as well. However, the spouse does not have full protection from creditors.

How to Back Out of a Refinance Loan

The rights of rescission, which stem from the Truth in Lending Act, allow borrowers to back out of some refinancing loans without any penalties, if the rights are invoked within three days of the initial signing of the loan documents. Would-be borrowers are able to back out of certain loans for any

Why Do Lawyers Use Esq?

When you see a business card of almost any attorney, there will like be three letters after his name, "Esq." Standing for esquire, it is a term used to denote attorneys, much the same way Dr. or M.D. denotes a medical doctor. While the origin of the term is clear, there is some mystery as to how "es

What Is an LLC Resolution?

Banks and other parties with which an LLC, or limited liability company, may do business may require an LLC resolution. This is because company actions outside of routine business often must have member or manager approval.

How Do I Amend My Tennessee Bar Application?

Based in Nashville, the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners administers the bar exam to prospective attorneys. Once you apply for the exam and set a date to take it, the only way to change your test date is to file an amended application. This amendment request comes with required forms and fees, all a

UAE Tax Law

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a unique tax system in that national taxes are nearly nonexistent. Rather, the federal government has given each district--known as an "emirate"--the authority to establish its own taxes.

Bankruptcy Attorney and The Options He Gives His Clients

A bankruptcy attorney is a legal professional who deals with and helps people, companies and entities who may be in financial difficulty. The state of being bankrupt is one in which the person, for example, has difficulty paying off debts that he or she has incurred.

Bankruptcy Claims in South Florida

Florida is one of the leading states in numbers of bankruptcies and foreclosures since the decline in the housing market in 2008.

How to Beat a Chapter 7

When you find yourself unable to repay your debts, you can get relief by filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 proceedings. You'll qualify for the proceedings under the "means test," fill out the necessary forms and take required counseling classes for both responsible financial management and credi

How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Attorney

In the past couple of years, due to the difficult economic situation, more and more people are finding themselves in need of a good bankruptcy attorney. If you are reading this, you are probably one of the many people who are struggling to survive financially and are considering filing for bankruptc

How to Register Unclaimed Land

For a long time courts have mandated that unclaimed property be registered to the state of the owner's last known address. If that owner remains unknown, or the owner maintains domicile outside of the country, the unclaimed or abandoned property is to be registered with the holder's (the person who

Document Storage & Retention Regulations

Companies are required to retain and store certain records.Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty ImagesThe Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 provides the basis for most record retention regulations for all publicly traded companies. The records retention policy enables the government to ensure that...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy- The Process Involved

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is more of a liquidation that involves a debtor's non- exempt or non-excusable assets. These can be sold by the trustee to pay back the creditors as per the priorities th

Bankruptcy Attorney: Guide To Best Decisions

Bankruptcy attorney can help guide you toward the best decisions for your situation. Arriving at the decision to file bankruptcy is difficult. To find the lawyer who is right to work your specific case, you must embrace your decision, own your situation, and tap all your resources for referrals.

Small Business Lending Reauthorization & Improvements Act

The Small Business Lending Reauthorization and Improvements Act was a bill introduced to the Senate by Senator John Kerry (D-MA). According to GovTrack, a non-partisan civic organization, the bill was aimed at amending the Small Business Act, in regards to reauthorizing loans included in the Act. Th