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How to Drive a Semi-Automatic

Many car owners are torn between the speed and control allowed by a manual transmission and the ease of use presented by an automatic transmission. Luckily, there is something that satisfies both wants. Semi-automatic transmissions give car owners the best of both worlds through the use of a paddle

Sharing the Road with Reckless Drivers

When you are driving, there are many things that affect the safety of your travel. Bad weather such as snow can make roads slick, while auto defects like flawed tires can put you at risk ...

Assembly Instructions for an Auto Canopy

Auto canopies are great for providing cover and shelter from rain, snow or the sun's heat. Many companies that are involved with automotive detailing or painting, use auto canopies to provide shade from the hot sun. If a vehicle is exposed to the sun while it is being detailed, the water, wax or pai

Why You Should Apply for Intensive Driving Courses?

To obtain a normal official driving license it requires months of training and sitting for regular tests. This procedure is designed to ensure that all road drivers achieve a level of competence and safety when ...

Jeep Shifting Techniques

Learning to properly shift your Jeep can be a rewarding experience.old jeep on a hill image by Roman Barelko from Fotolia.comOriginally built out of necessity in World War I, Jeeps were known by the military and civilians alike as the vehicle that could go anywhere. Soon after the war,...

Reading Emails behind the Wheel

Nearly 50% of business men admit to catching up on their emails while they are driving. This is an alarming fact that exposes the dangers of distracted driving in no uncertain terms. In fact, catching ...

How to Test an Emergency Brake

The emergency brake prevents a vehicle from rolling on an incline while parked. Passenger cars use a type of emergency brake that is different from the type of emergency brake used by a large truck. Brakes can be self-adjusting, partially self-adjusting or not self-adjusting. Brake evaluations and a

Accident Debt Recovery

Getting into an accident is a nerve-wracking experience, but especially stressful if you do not get properly compensated for damages and injuries. There are some things you can do to ensure you recover any debts owed you. However, you may need some legal help to recover the full amount you are due.

How to Avoid Spinning Out in the Snow

Winter road conditions are challenging even for snow-savvy drivers. Snow and ice make the road slippery. If you don't know how to control your vehicle on slick pavement, you risk spinning out of control and hitting other vehicles or objects such as trees and utility poles. Do what you can to keep yo

How to Report a Pothole in Detroit

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Michigan's pothole hotline was established to receive motorists' complaints about the deep roadside hazards that annually claim thousands of victims. Detroit's roadways are far from immune to the pothole plague. In fact, the city's inner minefields are so no

How to Safely Jump Start a Battery

Jump-starting a car can be an extremely dangerous, albeit relatively basic maintenance procedure. Failure to jump start the car correctly can not only result in severe damage to the electrical system of one or both of the cars used in the jump-starting process, but it also can cause serious bodily h

How Does a Variator Work?

A variator, also called a variable speed transmission or constant variable transmission, serves the purpose of changing gear ratios from an engine driven pulley to a driven pulley. Used on small scooters and carts, the variator is unique in that it eliminates the need for various gears and a shiftin

How to Use 4WD in the 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Using the four-wheel drive in your Jeep will help improve traction and handling when driving on loose or slippery surfaces. The 2000 Cherokee uses a three-speed transfer case with two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive high and four-wheel drive low range. Engaging the four-wheel drive on your Jeep is mad

What Causes My Juniper Bonsai to Turn Brown?

Juniper bonsai are tiny trees that you may keep at home in small pots. They resemble miniaturized versions of full-size trees and serve as home ornaments. Though some are easier to care for than others, needles that start to turn brown are always a bad sign with a number of causes that you can recti

How to Fix Tire Cupping

There is little that's more uncomfortable than your car shaking down the road as you drive. A big part of a comfortable ride is based on your tires' wear pattern. Tire cupping is an uneven wear pattern that looks like little dips all the way around the tread area. The cause of tire cupping can vary,

How to Disable All-Wheel Drive for Two-Wheel Drive

Many off-road vehicles feature in-dash switches that allow the driver to select two- or four-wheel-drive modes. In such vehicles, disabling "all-wheel" drive is a simple and straightforward process. Essentially the switch (or lever or button) causes a mechanical gear change in the four-wheel-drive v