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How to Jumpstart a Hybrid

Hybrid cars run on electric motors and are powered by an internal combustion engine. These cars are favored by most environmentally conscious individuals because they release fewer fuel emissions and store their own kinetic energy, greatly cutting down gasoline expenses. Hybrid cars have the same pr

How to Report Potholes In San Francisco

The bane of tires, rims and undercarriages, potholes are a pervasive problem across the country’s roadways that can lead to vehicle damage, accidents and more. In San Francisco, the Department of Public Works is committed to working with its citizenry to keep the city roadways clear of the

What Does It Mean When Your Transmission Slips?

"Transmission slip" is a term used to describe a transmission that is not operating properly. A slipping transmission adds stress to the transmission and other drive-train components and if not promptly repaired can cause serious problems.

How to Replace a Camry Distributor

The Toyota Camry distributor is a well-designed engine component that, as its name implies, distributes ignition spark to the spark plugs. As the engine runs, components inside the distributor spin sending high-voltage signals to each plug at precisely the right time. The Camry design is very compac

Information on the Camaro SS SLP

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of the legendary brands in American sports car history. Once again, performance parts manufacturer SLP (Street Legal Performance) of Toms River, New Jersey and Chevrolet have partnered to create an ultra high performance version of the Camaro SS. Unlike the Shelby Mustang

What Is Defensive Driving?

The size of motor vehicles and the speeds at which they travel make driving an inherently dangerous activity. It is very important for all drivers to recognize this risk and take reasonable steps to minimize ...

How to Use Winterforce Tires in the Summer

Firestone Tires produces a series of winter auto tires marketed as the Winterforce tire. These tires are designed with a rugged tread that shed snow and ice while maintaining stability on the winter road conditions. The tires come stud-ready but are not studded, allowing their use during nonwinter m

Driving Safety Rules

Safe driving requires focus and attention.steering wheel and dash of british sports car image by Bo Widerberg from Fotolia.comThe United States Census Bureau reports 10.6 million motor vehicle accidents and 43,100 motor vehicle accident-related deaths in 2007. A range of causes, from...

Get Proper Driving Lessons Via Driving Instructors Falkirk

Learning to drive these sophisticated machines cannot be achieved on our own. So, in order to make you learn to drive a vehicle, driving schools are opened. Driving schools Driving schools are the institutes which ...

How to Set a Prestige Alarm

Prestige car alarms are theft-deterrent systems used to protect your car when you are away. When activated, the alarm will sound if an attempt is made to break into your car. Prestige alarm systems are set actively by the user or can be set passively, but there is no difference in the type of protec

How to Get Road Rage

Road rage, according to the website Anger Management, is a condition called Intermittent Explosive Disorder that causes people to experience explosive and sometimes violent outbursts. It is often responsible for aggressive driving and can lead to accidents on the road. It is possible to get road rag

Mini Cooper Clubman Styles

"Clubman" is a term long-associated with modified sports cars and motorcycles, probably because of the sports car and racing clubs that fostered the trends. A few makers, however, have officially adopted the "Clubman" monicker and make factory Clubman models, such as the second-generation Mini Coop

Texas DOT Driving Regulations

Texas drivers must abide by state regulations when operating a motor vehicle.ROAD image by Nisakorn Neera from Fotolia.comBefore you get behind the wheel of a vehicle in Texas, you should be familiar with the state's driving regulations. The regulations are established by the Texas...

Driving Course Rules in Maine

Teaching the rules of the road is strictly defined in the State of Maine.Verkehrszeichen 106 Doppelkurve (zun?¡èchst links) image by Oliver Woelki from Fotolia.comThe State of Maine Secretary of State provides detailed instructions for driving school and instructor licensing, curriculum...

How to Stop Someone From Driving Your Car

For many Americans, their most valuable asset after their home is their car. The last thing you want is someone driving your car without your knowledge. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, vehicle thefts in 2008 declined 13 percent from 2007 because more Americans are taking extra prec

Differences Between Dry Sump and Wet Sump

Simply put, a sump is a pit that collects liquids. A more focused explanation would be, "the chamber in the bottom of any engine that collects lubricants for redistribution" as explained by Besel Motorsports. The terms wet and dry sump are most commonly associated with the oil circulating...

How to Install a Plastimo Compass

For a boater, an accurate compass, such as a Plastimo compass, is a must-have piece of equipment. Without a compass to guide him on the open ocean, a disoriented boater could go around in circles. An improperly installed compass is just as bad as having no compass at all. All it takes to install a P

How to Add a Sun Roof to Your Vehicle

If you want to add a sun roof to your vehicle, do not try to install it yourself. This could severely damage your car and end up incurring extra costs. If your vehicle does not have a factory-installed sun roof and you would like to have one, you should consider an after-market sun roof installation

How to Lock Down a Hitch Coupler

Connecting your trailer to your tow vehicle properly is essential for safe towing. One of the most important parts of your tow vehicle's trailer hitch is the hitch ball. Your trailer tongue attaches to the hitch ball by means of a hitch coupler. The hitch coupler is located on the trailer tongue and