How to Replace My Brake Pads

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How to Change an Alternator on a 1996 Cougar

When you start the engine in your 1996 Cougar, power from the battery is supplied to the starter motor to "turn" the engine. The electrical power required by the engine is supplied by the alternator. When the alternator fails, the engine begins to run on the energy stored in the battery. This stored

How to Install a Wolo Bad Boy

Stock vehicle horns age, just like any other component on a car, truck or motorcycle. Horns can short out, rust or suffer diaphragm damage, rendering them useless. Stock horns can also emit weak blasts that are difficult to hear in emergency situations. The Wolo Bad Boy horn uses a small chamber of

How to Respoke Motorcycle Rims

Motorcycle wheels made with laced spokes rather than alloy can withstand an incredible amount of stress and abuse. This is because of the way weight and force are distributed through the entire wheel when riding, hitting a bump, or avoiding potholes. However, spoked wheels also have disadvantages,

How to Install Rear Shocks

Installing the rear shocks on a car or truck is a straightforward and quick procedure, provided you buy the correct-size shock for your vehicle. Two bolts hold the shocks into place: one on top and one on the bottom. Replacing the shocks will provide your vehicle with the same smooth ride it had whe

Is Yokohama's Avid Ascend Tire Worth Buying?

Yokoahama's Avid Ascend is the first consumer tire available in the US using orange oil in the rubber compound, and this technology makes for one great Grand Touring tire.

How to Check the Oil in a Honda Shadow 1100 V-Twin

The oil in your Honda Shadow 1100's V-twin engine ensures not only a smooth-running engine but a long-lasting one as well. The engine has many moving parts that need to be lubricated to ensure that they are running smoothly. The oil also prevents the engine from overheating during operation. To ensu

Touch-Up Paint Colors

Over the course of a vehicle's lifetime, the exterior paint is bound to get chipped, scratched or ruined in one way or another. It is important to know how to best match your car's touch-up color, especially if you plan to touch up the paint yourself.

About the OBD2 Auto Emission Scan Tool

All passenger vehicles sold in the United States since the 1996 model year are equipped with an on-board diagnostic system known as OBD2, or OBD II. By using a special tool called an OBD2 scanner, home mechanics can check the emissions system and other car components for trouble codes.

How to Remove a 1997 Chevrolet 2500 Van Heater Core

The heater core of your 1997 Chevrolet 2500 Van acts as a radiator that heats up the air before it is pushed out by the blower motor to warm up the passenger compartment. A faulty heater core can leak coolant into the vehicle or cause white smoke to come out of the air vents. Removing the heater cor

How to Replace a Car Horn

Your car horn is the only warning signal another driver will hear, besides your cries of protest, before a potential accident. So, it helps to have an operable horn that is loud enough and audible over common street noises. Horns will fade in sound over time and may be damaged by an accident or elec

Specifications for a 1998 Suzuki DR350

According to Motorcycle Specs, the DR350 filled a need for riders that wanted more off-road capacity from their bikes. Competitors like Yamaha and Honda were focused on developing racing bikes, and Suzuki was able to provide a bike with a higher level of off-road capability.Engine...

How to Install Windshield Reveal Molding in a 1964 Impala

No matter what type of car you have, it is certain to have a windshield and molding going around it. Windshield molding is used to hold a windshield in place. It also helps keep air and water from seeping into the car through the window. This molding properly seals the window from outside elements t

Dodge Van Brake Rotor Removal

Performing a brake job on your Dodge van may seem like a difficult task, but it is quite simple to do. The key is knowing what needs to be done and covering all the bases. For example, you need to replace the rotors, along with the pads, or have the stock ones turned at an auto parts store. This ens

Can You Use Transmission Fluid in the Power Steering?

Maintaining your car can be tricky at times. Forget universal belts. Everything has its own specifically designed belt. If something goes wrong electronically, then you could be in trouble. Then there's oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield washing fluid. They're

How Do I Change the Alternator Belt on a 2005 Kia Spectra?

The 2005 Kia Spectra left the factory with a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine with a single serpentine belt driving the alternator and water pump from power supplied by the crankshaft pulley. Replacing that belt is a simply process with just a few steps and requiring only hand tools to complete. Work

How to Break in Brake Pads

Breaking in your brake pads (especially when replacing rotors) is an important maintenance procedure to ensure their longevity and intended function without side effects. While this procedure is fairly simple to perform, geographic conditions may challenge the process. While the idea of bedding or b

How to Replace the Rear Brake Shoes on a 1996 Nissan Truck

The 1996 Nissan Truck comes in either a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive model, both fully customizable with a variety of packages and options. All models come with all around disc brakes. Disc brakes make at home brake changes quite simple, in comparison with drum brakes. Brakes should be changed eve

How Oil Bath Air Breather Works

What is an Oil Bath Air Cleaner?An air breather, or better known as an air cleaner, is a device usually mounted to the top of an engine and is designed to provide clean, filtered air to the vehicle's intake system. The air cleaners in most modern vehicles use a dry paper cartridge that...