How to Replace My Brake Pads

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How to Change the Power Window Motor in a 2002 GMC Sonoma

GMC offered the 2002 Sonoma pickup with power window and power door locks. The power window system incorporates a power window switch, wiring, power window motor and a mechanical window regulator to move the window glass up or down. The motor converts the electrical energy from the switch into mecha

How to Remove the Navigation DVD on a Jeep Commander

The Jeep Commander is a four-door, three-row sports utility vehicle with four wheel drive. The Jeep Commander is available in many configurations with many available upgrades, including built-in navigation. The built-in navigation system is located in the front dash-board of the vehicle and relies o

Oil Change – Tips to Keep in Mind

The smooth running of your engine is essential to its functioning, and that's why lubrication is so important. Being committed to not only providing the right lubricant but also changing it regularly is a must ...

How to Change the Oil in a 2001 Harley Davidson Fat Boy

The first Harley Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle was released in 1990. Since then, various reiterations of the Fat Boy have been released. It is important to to keep up with your Fat Boy motorcycle's maintenance. A common motorcycle maintenance issue is knowing how to change the oil in a 2001 Harley Dav

How to Check the Engine Light on a 1991 Honda Prelude

If the "Check Engine" light comes on and remains on after the vehicle has been started, it indicates a problem with the emissions and/or fuel injection system. You will need to check the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). This model uses an LED light in the ECU to

How to Change O2 Sensor P0135

A P0135 code will appear on your scan tool when the bank 1, sensor 1 O2 sensor has failed. When the electronic engine control module (ECM) determines that the O2 sensor takes too much time to begin operating properly, the check engine light will appear, prompting you to use the scan tool and reveal

The Torque Specifications of a 1989 Toyota Celica

Toyota began producing the Celica in 1970, offering a series of coupes. Throughout its production, the Celica featured a four-cylinder engine. In 1989, it featured a 2-liter engine. This engine could produce anywhere between 115 and 190 horsepower and between 122 and 190 foot-pounds of...

How to Set Points on a 1968 Chrysler Newport

The 1968 Chrysler Newport is equipped with a 383 cubic-inch V-8 engine with 300 horsepower and three-speed automatic transmission. The angled front-mounted distributor uses a breaker point type ignition. One of the basic tune-up procedures is the replacement of the breaker points and checking and ad

Drilled Vs. Slotted Brakes

Drilled and slotted brakes are both aftermarket options that can be added to a car when the standard smooth plate rotor will not offer enough stopping power. They are used on race cars for their improved performance and wear resistance.

Auto Touch-Up Painting Tips

With a wide variety of touch-up paints available, they all work to do the same thing---cover the scratches and chips in your car's paint and protect it from rust. But you don't have to get the most expensive touch-up paint for it to work. From cheap to expensive, touch-up paint only works as well as

How to Replace Rear Lug Bolts

Changing your own tires can save you money. If you notice that one of your wheel stud bolts is damaged, it will have to be repaired immediately. A loose or broken wheel stud is dangerous, as the tire will not turn smoothly. You also risk having additional studs break or even having the tire come loo

What Is the Sequence to Bleed Brakes on a 2002 Ford F150 Pickup Truck?

A popular name in the aerospace industry, Malcolm Lougheed -- one of the founders of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation -- was responsible for one of the most important advancements in automotive safety: He developed a system for stopping a vehicle, using hydraulic pressure instead of mechanical linkages

How to Replace the Transmission Mount on a 350 Turbo

General Motor's Turbo Hydra-Matic 350, or "Turbo 350," was equipped with a single transmission mount. The mount is designed to not only keep the transmission in place, but also to reduce the vibrations it produced by means of a rubber bumper. Over time, the rubber bumper tends to corrode. As a resul

Dry Sump Vs. Wet

A dry sump oiling system in a car uses an external oil tank that holds oil as it is circulated through the engine. A wet sump system uses an oil pan directly underneath the engine in a manner that allows oil to splash around uncontrollably, making it a wet sump.

Car Repair: How to Remove a Frozen Head Bolt

You will not have to remove a head bolt very often. As such, the road salts, time and moisture eat away at the threads and can rust it securely in place. Removing the head bolt can present a challenge just because of the location, depending on which vehicle you are working on. Ask any mechanic, and

How to Replace Your Alternator

The alternator is the heart of your vehicle's electrical system. While the car is running, it is responsible for providing power to all your car's electrical devices and for recharging your vehicle's battery. Like all car parts, the alternator is not designed to last forever and will eventually need

How to Check Battery Cables for Corrosion and Tightness in a GMC Sierra

Car owners should be diligent about checking their vehicles to keep them running like new. Truck owners, and proud GMC Sierra owners, are no different. Check your battery cables for corrosion and tightness every month to keep small problems from becoming big problems.

Warnings About the Auto Paint Guns

Auto paint guns can save you some money by allowing you to paint your own car. But, they can cost you more money than you bargained for if you don't know what you are doing and there are other things to keep in mind as well. If you don't do your research and understand how the paint gun wo

How to Change a Glow Plug on a 2002 Ford 7.3

The 2002 Ford 7.3-liter engine is a turbo-diesel option on all 2002 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks. Diesel engines are equipped with glow plugs, which work as a heating device to ignite the engine. When you notice your diesel engine misfiring during warm-up or having a hard start, the glow p

Proper Way to Use Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are an important tool for motorists. They are used to start a vehicle that has a dead battery by using the power from another vehicle's battery. A vehicle with a dead battery, often caused by the driver leaving headlights on, will not start unless the existing battery is replaced or ju