What Is a Sway Bar for an Automobile?

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How to Change the Belts in a 2000 GMC Sierra

The serpentine belt on a GMC Sierra is the most vital piece of equipment to ensure that all your components work together properly. The belt runs off the crankshaft and connects to pulleys that are attached to your alternator, air compressor, power steering pump, and water pump. The truck will not f

1999 Pontiac Montana: I Replaced the Intake Manifold & My Van Still Won't Start

Troubleshooting a vehicle that won't start can be a hassle. There are always several diagnoses with a no-start engine. While replacing the intake manifold on your 1999 Pontiac Montana may have been a good place to start, there are several other issues that could prevent your engine from starting. So

How to Troubleshoot an Electric Choke

An electric choke can be found on a carburetor in an internal combustion engine. It has the important job of controlling the amount of air that is allowed to enter the engine. The electric choke helps the carburetor to perform this function. Unlike a manual choke, the electric choke does its job aut

How a Laser Plymouth Turbocharger Works

ComponentsThe turbocharger on a Chrysler Plymouth Laser is composed of a housing, a centrifugal compressor, an exhaust turbine, a main shaft and bearings. The turbine is connected to the engine's exhaust system, and the centrifugal compressor is connected to the engine's air intake...

Under Utilized Automobile Maintenance Industry

In our nation we sure talk a lot about trying to get ourselves off our dependency on foreign oil. Still, it is amazing how many people drive around with the improper air pressure their tires costing them several miles per gallon off of their optimum fuel efficiency. Likewise, it is amazing how many

Tyres That Work on Snow And Ice

The geographic condition of each area in a country differs from the rest. There are some areas which receive heavy rainfall and snow. These areas tend to become very slushy and slippery as a result of which driving becomes difficult. It becomes imperative to use special winter tyres for this purpose

What Is the Shift Pattern for a CJ 7 Jeep?

The Jeep was originally made as an all-purpose vehicle for the U.S. Army during World War II. The Jeep was transformed for civilian use after the war, given new styling and labeled in a variety of "CJ" models.

How to Refill Transmission Oil in a Nissan Sentra

The transmission fluid in the Nissan Sentra keeps the internal parts lubricated and cool. After a period of time the transmission fluid breaks down and require changing. You can fill the transmission fluid on the Nissan Sentra in just a few minutes. The transmission fluid filling process remains the

How to Remove Rear Brake Drums on a 2000 Chevy S10

The brake drums on the rear of your 2000 Chevy S10 pickup provide about 30 percent of the brake bias for the system. Removal of the drums allows access to the shoes inside for inspection or repair of the rear brakes. While the drums themselves do not wear very quickly, they can crack or warp from he

Why Cars Need the Right Carpet Cleaning Equipment?

When it comes to getting cars and trucks clean, the average person does not think of using carpet cleaning equipment. This is because they usually concentrate on cleaning the vehicle's exterior. From choosing the right ...

How to Apply Glare Polish

Glare polish, a brand of automotive polish, is commonly used on vehicles to provide a smooth and glossy surface. Although it can also be used on other items such as sunglasses, car owners usually apply the polish to their vehicles and other items such as the windshields. The various types of polishe

Wheel Buyer's Guide

So you want some different wheels than the ones that came on your car when you bought it. But how to go about finding the right wheels for you? How do you make sure they will fit on your car? Believe me, the process of fitting wheels and tires can be much more complex than it looks. Here in one conv

How to Troubleshoot an Auto Master Cylinder

The master cylinder works like a pump, delivering brake fluid to the various brake components. Without it, no pressure would be available in the braking system to expand the brakes shoes or pads against the drums or rotors. The master cylinder needs to keep a tight internal seal, with no leaks. It c

Types of Coolant for Cars

Learn the different choices for engine coolant.pint container image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.comCoolant, also known as radiator fluid, keeps your engine from freezing in the winter and from overheating in the summer months. You must flush and replace your car's coolant occasionally. The...

How to Replace Battery Cables in a Geo Metro

Some Geo Metro owners only think about the battery cables and terminals once the car becomes difficult to start or after it won't start at all. The battery and terminals become a major concern when the vehicle exhibits problems starting. Check if the cables and terminals are loose or corroded. If th

How to Make a Motor Stop Smoking

Does your car's exhaust smoke? How about your lawnmower? This is usually caused by oil getting into the combustion chamber. Which can be attributed to oil sneaking past the piston rings, or seeping past the valve stem seals. Never mind all the technical bla bla bla, its a pretty quick and easy fix.

How to Replace a Smooth Stovetop Coil

Smooth stovetops use radiant heat reflected from electrical coils plugged in below the surface. The smooth surface is popular for its appearance as well as the relative ease of cleaning up spills. When a heating coil burns out, buy a replacement from the manufacturer or an appliance repair store. Ma

How to Install Injectors on a Toyota 3RZ-FE Engine

The Toyota 3RZ-FE engine is a four-cylinder, 2.7-liter engine that Toyota typically used in late-model trucks. This engine is common in the Toyota Tacoma four-wheel drive pickup truck, which was made from 1995 to 2004. The fuel injectors on the 3RZ-FE engine are part of the fuel rail assembly, which

How to Replace Rotors on a 2005 Chevy Impala

Brake rotors on the Chevy Impala use friction to slow and stop the car when you depress the brake pedal. A piston from the brake caliper holds the two brake pads, which squeeze the brake rotor, forcing the car to slow down. The brake rotors get hot when you apply the brakes and can warp from too muc

How to Remove a Catalytic Converter From a 7.3 Power Stroke

The catalytic converter found in the exhaust system on a 7.3l Powerstroke diesel engine is used for emissions purposes. These converters are welded into the exhaust system, and are designed not to be removed easily. They do wear out however, so if your catalytic converter is plugged up or not workin