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Knowing More About OBD II Diagnostics

It is true that most modern cars have up-to-date technology embedded in them to help you with a better driving experience. However, it is necessary to know how you can make use of this new generation car technologies including the OBD II Diagnostic System to the fullest.

How to Install an Auto Car Starter

The ignition system in most automobiles starts with the key. Once the key is inserted in the ignition, this sends an electric pulse to a solenoid. The solenoid feeds power to the starter. The starter spins the flywheel and ultimately sends the crankshaft spinning. A bad starter motor will cause the

How to Change a Headlight on a Previa

The headlights on your Toyota Previa should be checked periodically to make sure that they are functioning normally. While there is no specific service life for the headlight, the filament in the bulb will eventually burn out and break. When this happens, you need to replace the headlight. The part

Trouble With Jeep Tail Lights

The tail lights on your Jeep vehicle are an important component of your overall safety. If only one light on your tail light assembly is not working, it is most likely an issue with the bulb. If none of the lights on the assembly work properly, the problem stems from either an electrical connector o

How to Install the 1997 Volvo 850 Oxygen Sensor

The 1997 Volvo 850 is equipped with two oxygen sensors along the exhaust system. The sensors thread into the exhaust pipes in front of and behind the catalytic converter. The sensors monitor the amount of oxygen in the exhaust to notify the car's fuel system to adjust the amount of fuel burned by th

How to Charge SLA Sealed Batteries

SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries are found in automobile starting applications and in other portable power devices. SLA batteries are generally 12 volts in size and contain a liquid component of acid and water. The SLA is a nonserviceable type battery. You cannot remove the top caps of the battery c

How to Replace the Alternator Belt on the 1993 Laser

The 1993 Plymouth Laser comes equipped with two different drive belts. The first belt controls the alternator and the air conditioner. The second belt controls the power steering pump. The alternator belt travels around the alternator pulley and the crankshaft pulley. When the motor is running, the

How to Replace a 1998 Ford Belt Tensioner

The 1998 Ford belt tensioner only needs to be replaced if the tensioner arrow is outside the range markings on the tensioner when a new belt is installed. A belt that is too tight--because it is the wrong size--can wear out the tensioner bearings on the pulley. The pulley can be replaced separately.

Fog Light Instructions for the 2003 Dodge Dakota

The fog lights on the front of your 2003 Dodge Dakota are made up of a composite housing that is designed to use a 37.5 watt, 898 light bulb. The bulb has a right-angle connection on the end for the wiring harness, and this is the only configuration that will fit the housing on your truck. The bulbs

Homemade Performance Mufflers

While mufflers are primarily intended to reduce sound, they often do so at the expense of horsepower. You can build your own muffler for increased performance and better sound, but odds are you're not going to save any significant money over a cheap "glass-pack." Still, it's one more assembly you ca

What Size of an Off-Road Coilover Do I Need?

Many truck enthusiasts enjoy modifying their vehicles for off-road purposes. The off-road vehicle accessory industry offers a myriad of components for improving truck performance across dirt or rocks. Coilover shocks are specialized shock absorbers manufactured specifically for off-road purposes. Ho

How to Remove Silicone Wax From Paint Before Repainting

Repainting a car to give it a fresh appearance is an involved, but highly rewarding process. Achieve optimum results from your paint job by preparing the exterior surface properly. Without proper surface preparation, the new coat of paint will not adequately adhere. One important step in this prepar

Cylinder Lock Repair

If your ignition key is stuck in the lock cylinder of your vehicle, then there is very little that you can do to actually repair the lock cylinder mechanism so that it works properly. You will first need to remove the key from the lock cylinder and then replace the lock cylinder itself. Some vehicle

How to Remove a Rear Panel off a Samsung Refrigerator Freezer

When performing repairs on your Samsung refrigerator, it is sometimes necessary to access components located behind the lower-rear access panel, such as the compressor, control board and condenser fan. The panel is secured to the refrigerator with several screws and, depending on the model of your r

How do I Buy Candy-Colored Car Paint?

Candy color is a system used to intensify and deepen a paint job. This process has been available for many years, but advancements in auto paint technology have taken it to a higher level. New candy systems are so intense, only a few drops of the candy color may be needed. Candy systems add a new

How to Replace Headlight on a Trailblazer

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is a great economical SUV for any excursion you may be planning. Whether it is going to the local home improvement store or taking the family camping, you will find this to be a very dependable vehicle. Maintaining the Chevy Trailblazer is also a very simple process. Whethe

How to Replace Liftgate Support Struts

Many SUVs and trucks come with a lift gate at the back end to allow access to the storage area. When the hatch is opened and then lifted up, the struts automatically lift the gate to the fully opened position so that you have unencumbered access to the storage area. The struts are usually not the mo

How to Test a Starter Solenoid

A starter solenoid operates to transfer the large amount of power within the vehicle's battery to the vehicle's starter motor. Within the solenoid are two large metal contacts. When the ignition key is turned to activate the starter, these two contacts come together, thereby transferring the current

How to Replace a Stabilizer Link in a Toyota Tacoma

Toyota introduced the Tacoma in 1995. Since then it's been a favorite in the compact pickup market, especially among used-vehicle shoppers. The 2001 Tacoma made its debut with the double cab body style, lots of room and four doors. Toyota continued to add to Tacoma's impressive options list through

How to Install the Sway Bar on a WRX Wagon

The sway bar on a Subaru Impreza WRX wagon connects the front two wheels on the car, providing better handling and a better ride for the passengers. When the bushings on the sway bar wear down, the sway bar isn't able to effectively do its job, and both ride quality and handling suffer. To fix the i