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How to Repair Brake Pads on a Saturn 2000 SL1

In 1990, five years after General Motors founded Saturn, the new automaker released its first two vehicles -- the SC and SL. The SC was Saturn's sporty two-door coupe, and the SL was the four-door sedan. Saturn gave the SL a modernizing redesign in 1996, which featured a more rounded appearance. Thi

Instructions on Replacing Alternator Belts

Before trying to replace an alternator belt, be sure to have the routing diagram and the correct replacement belt. There are a couple different types of alternator belts used in today's engines, and each employs specific replacement procedures. Since there are so many cars that use different types o

How to Fix Scratches on a 2008 Toyota Corolla

Repairing a scratch on a 2008 Toyota Corolla can be a simple task or may require the experience of a professional. Most US cars are painted with three layers. The outside layer is the clear coat, followed by the color coat and the primer. If the scratch has only penetrated the clear coat, the repair

BMW Auto Repair and Services

Some of the most complex and technological cars on the market today are BMWs. They are also some of the most popular cars for consumers to buy. Making sure you are going to a auto shop for repairs and services that specialize in maintaining and fixing complex European cars such as BMW is very import

How to Check the Coolant Level on a 2010 700 Grizzly Yamaha ATV

The Yamaha Grizzly 700 ATV requires proper preventive maintenance in order to perform well. One very important step in the preventive maintenance process is to check the cooling system of the vehicle. A cooling system cools the vehicle's engine temperature down by sending a liquid coolant through pa

How to Change the Serpentine Belt on a 2003 B3000 Mazda Truck

A 2003 B3000 Mazda motor has several peripheral parts that it depends upon for its functionality, such as the serpentine belt, a single belt that drives multiple components connected to the motor. Without this single belt a car cannot be driven. Fortunately the serpentine belt can be changed with ju

Hydrostatic Vs. Belt & Pulley Transmission

Vehicle designers use technology to their advantage to create attractive, powerful cars. In the vehicle manufacturing industry, transmission choices include hydrostatic and belt and pulley transmissions.

Car Battery Life Considerations

One of the biggest car battery life factors is the number of times it has been charged previously. Some automobile batteries only have a recharge factor of 1000 which means that after 1000 charges the ability of power output is greatly reduced and sometimes zero. However in recent technological deve

How to Replace a Horn in a VW Beetle

The VW Beetle was first marketed under that name 1967 and sold in the United States until 1978. The new Beetle was introduced in 1998. Many VW Beetle enthusiasts are dissatisfied with the sound of the original equipment manufacturer's horn and choose to replace it. This is a fairly straightforward t

How to Fix Chevy Malibu Right Front Knuckle

The front-wheel-drive Chevy Malibu uses steering knuckles on each wheel to allow for steering the vehicle while simultaneously providing propulsion through the axle. Removal and replacement of the knuckles requires basic automotive tools and a few specialty items that you should be able to rent from

How Do I Replace the Thermostat on a 200 Lincoln LS?

An engine’s ability to maintain a specific temperature while running is important to its overall performance. Emissions are also affected be engine temperature. If an engine operates at a cooler temperature from which it is designed for, it will exhaust more harmful emissions than normal. If t

Mopar Performance Cam Specifications

Mopar Performance parts make engines powerful.New car petrol engines image by Christopher Dodge from Fotolia.comA registered trademark of the Chrysler Group, Mopar defines power in automobile engines with Mopar Performance products found in muscle, street, speed and trail vehicles. The...

How Car Engines Work

SparkA car engine starts and functions by the use of a tiny spark. This spark ignites the gas that causes a tiny explosion which pushes a piston that turns a crank shaft. There is a lot more that happens during this time, however. The piston actually has three jobs--to compress the gas...

How to Remove Crank Bolts

Crank bolts hold the crank pulley to the crank shaft in a vehicle. Removing a crank bolt requires that you hold the pulley still while removing the bolt. These bolts typically require 600 to 900 lbs.-feet of torque to remove -- which is virtually impossible by hand. To get this bolt off, you'll need

How to Replace the Headlight Assembly on a BMW

The headlight assembly on a BMW is held in place with three screw bolts. Most BMWs use self adjusting projector headlights, but some BMWs do have an adjustment screw on the top of the housing near the mounting screws. The adjustment screw should not be confused with the mounting screw--the adjustmen

Basic Car Engine Troubleshooting

Car engines are funny things. It only takes one minute component to fail to set off a series of unfortunate engine-related events. Some engine troubles, however, are not very serious and can be easily found and fixed if you know what to look for.

Drive Belt Assembly Instructions for the 1997 Dodge Dakota V6

The engine accessories on the 1997 Dodge Dakota V6 engine are driven by a single drive belt. The belt is routed around all of the engine accessories in such a way that it operates each accessory. As the belt is being driven around the alternator, the air conditioner pump, the power steering pump and

Silverado Transmission Problems

Most Silverado transmission problems are centered on hard shifting or surging issues after stopping. These problems could create safety hazards and should be brought to a Chevrolet dealer's attention immediately.

How to Reset the Oil Change Light on Your 2003 BMW 530I

In 1975, BMW added a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine to the 5-series lineup and dubbed this creation the 530i. In 1979, BMW replaced the 530i with the 528i, and the U.S. did not see a 530i again until 1994. The 2003 530i utilized BMW's condition-based service interval system to determine when an oil