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1967 Corvette Specifications

The 1967 Corvette was available with high-performance engine options.Dick Luria/Valueline/Getty ImagesThe 1967 Chevrolet Corvette marked the last year of the second-generation Corvettes. It carried the nickname "Sting Ray" due to its distinctive hood. The 1967 model evolved from the...

Information on the 1999 Saturn SL

The Saturn SL sedan marked the debut of the automotive brand in 1991. The 1996 model year saw a model re-design that lasted through the 2002 model year, after which the SL line was replaced with the Ion model. Saturn's 1999 SL model was slotted as the base model, below the better equipped SL1 and SL

How to Repair a Mobile Medical Scooter

Several things can affect the performance of a mobile medical scooter, including the care and condition of the unit, as well as temperature and electromagnetic interference (EMI). If you are having trouble with your mobile medical scooter, charge the scooter's battery, then try a few general trouble

How to Thread Tie Straps

Properly threaded tie-down straps secure cargo. If a tie-down strap is improperly threaded, the strap could work itself loose and cause damage to the cargo, other property or even people. Another problem often encountered with tie-down straps is a strap that binds and will not release from the cargo

Motorcycle Helmets - Your Decision

Helmet laws are different from state to state. Several states have revised their helmet requirements. Of the states that require helmet use, almost 100% of the motorcyclists were compliant.

Top 5 Highlights Of The Tour De France

If you are looking for an all-round bike, a mountain bike might be appropriate. If the Tour de France has inspired you, then a cycle is the best option for road cycling.

Brief Introduction Of Cement Bord

There are many materials that can be used in building construction. Gypsum board ceiling tiles, cement board, wood, stone materials and many different metal plate are generally used in building decoration. Each of these ornament materials has its own advantages to some extent.


A wheelie shot of the BMW S1000RR motorcycle.

6 Essential Motorcycle Battery Accessories

When it involves your RV, particularly your motorbike, you recognize the way to take excellent care of it and keep it running well. After all, you wish to fancy it for years to come back. ...

What Facilities Utah Motorcycle Offers?

Salt Lake City motorcycle facilitates you in finding the very first seller that provides the majority secure bike for you. Big choice of both new and so the used one with different brands & models are going to be their specialty.

Top Three Ways To Transport A Motorcycle

In USA many people travel to far off places on a regular basis. At such times vehicle transport becomes a really worrisome matter. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or even an average bike owner then you should take extra care while sending your bike to its destination. You should keep in mind that

Securing Your Bike Rack

Bike racks are the most important equipment used for carrying your bikes safely. Read on to find out information which will help you to take your bikes conveniently and safely to the desired destination.

What are the types of scooters for kids?

Different types of scooters are available in the market, may it be for the kids or adults. However, when it comes to the little ones, you need to be extra careful. So, research well on the different t

Californian Road Trip on a Tiger 90

Some classic motorcycle owners use their bikes for daily commuting, others for rides in the countryside at the weekends. Then some ship their bikes 3500 miles to another continent for a road trip!