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Just How do you Ride a Sidecar?

Throughout the history of the motorcycle, sidecars have been attached to most solos at one time or another. But learning to ride these machines takes a special skill set.

How to Tune a 2005 Vespa PX 150

Tuning the Vespa PX scooter involves a number of steps that must be performed together to achieve the appropriate increase in engine performance. This tandem work involves the carburetor settings, the engine cylinder and the exhaust system. Though lesser improvements can be achieved by using one of

1973 Amc 258 Engine Specifications

The 258 engine was used in Jeeps and other AMC vehicles.small jeep on grate mountains background image by Roman Barelko from Fotolia.comThe 258 engine was introduced by AMC in 1971 and was initially used in Jeep pickups, Wagoneers and CJs, as well as a number of AMC cars. The 258 was...

How to Calculate the Chain Type on a Motorcycle

The type of chain that a motorcycle needs is based on three factors. The first is the width of the sprockets. Second is the pitch of the sprockets. Finally is the distance between the front and rear sprocket. Using this data, you can determine what type of chain you need, and how long it needs to be

Siren 17 Specifications

The Siren 17 is a micro-cruiser sailing boat, designed to be simple to use and maintain, and affordable. Measuring approximately 17 feet, this small boat is designed for utility rather than comfort, and can sleep two crew at a stretch. Its small size and lightweight build mean it is suitable for coa

A '98 Mustang GT's Specifications

The 1998 Mustang GT was often ordered with personalized extras such as a racing stripe.2006 mustang gt tail light image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.comThe 1998 Mustang GT is the sportster version of Ford's regular Mustang. The GT version has a more streamlined body, a stronger engine and...

Ford E450 Specifications

Most people think of Ford as a leading manufacturer of automobile brands, such as Lincoln, Mercury and Ford. However, Ford creates and assembles specialty and commercial vehicles, including the E-Series 450 models. If you are interested in purchasing a E-450, determine how you plan to...

Should You Ride Your Motorcycle With A Passenger?

Thinking about giving your loved one or friend a ride on your motorcycle? Before you take them along with you, make sure you are able to do so safely. Here are a number of things to think about when d

Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

Motorcycles are not very good for transporting items from one point to another. Many people understand this and you will most likely not see someone riding one-handed down the street, steering with one hand, and holding a gallon of milk with the other. People who ride often, need a sturdy, fashionab

1999 Ford Econoline Specifications

Ford's Econoline vans are primarily used as work vans.tire texture image by Jo?¡êo Freitas from Fotolia.comThe Ford Econoline is a line of work and shuttle vans from Ford Motor Company that are used primarily for the transport of large objects or shipments. There are three different...

Finding Campsites Where You Can Park Your Campervan

Tasmania offers a large option for people looking to camp or explore the region by campervan. It's relatively small, yet diverse environment offers a lot to tourists. The beautiful scenery and good roads make this ...

Flash Games - awesome fun packed games

A game has always proved to be exhilarating for children and can bring smile to their face. Have anyone of you met a child who is not interested to play games? Games was just a source of entertainment

Best Finance Method For A Company Car

Lease Purchase, or Hire Purchase, is probably the most straight forward. If the company is VAT registered it is generally accepted that Finance Lease or Contract Hire are the most tax efficient. For Limited Companies providing a company car to an employee, there are 2 sides to consider. The employee

Chevy Facts

Chevrolet, commonly referred to as "Chevy," is one of the most well known American car brands. Although Chevrolet was originally founded as a luxury brand, the company has developed a reputation for building reasonably cost mainstream vehicles. Chevrolet builds cars, trucks, SUVs and hybrid vehicles

Safety Measures Any Time Riding Razor Bikes

You are able to lessen the chance of any vehicle just like a Razor dune buggy by simply mastering the correct strategies to drive, paying attention to safety precautions, as well as wearing the proper ...

2001 F350 Towing Package Information

The 2001 Ford F-350, one of Ford's heavier and more powerful "Super Duty" pickup trucks, came standard with a towing package that gave it a maximum towing capacity of 11,500 pounds, and a maximum payload (the total weight the truck can carry) of 5,225 pounds.

Where Can An All Terrain Vehicle Be Purchased?

By choosing a four wheel drive, those who get behind the wheel can explore a wide array of terrains. Driving on sand dunes or in the countryside is a lot of fun and there are many companies which specialise in selling affordable all wheel drive ATV.