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How To Choose Tyres For Different Road Conditions

Bike tyres are a big investment, perhaps the biggest you'll ever make when replacing parts. This is because they're built to withstand heat, cold and stress. Tyres that don't complement road conditions can affect performance ...

Where Can I Buy A Good Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

If you’re looking to buy a leather motorcycle jacket, but you’re not quite sure where to go in order to do so, then you’ll be happy to know that you have a number of different options.One of the most popular options for purchasing a jacket is to shop online.Another more traditional

Inside the Industry: How to Save Money This Holiday Season

ATV and Motorcycle Accessories aren't cheap, but make a great gift for your loved one or friend. To prepare for this holiday season, equip yourself with some tips to bring smiles under the Christmas tree without draining the bank.

Motorcycle carburation - Just what is a Rich or Lean Mixture?

For an internal combustion engine to run properly it needs three things: gasoline, air (compressed), and a spark. However, having the gasoline/air mixture ratio right is very important for performance: too rich or too lean will affect the performance.

2005 Dodge Magnum Problem

Dodge recalled 256,409 vehicles, including the 2005 Magnum, for an automatic transmission problem that could lead to a roll-away accident. Notification to registered vehicle owners began on Nov. 28, 2005 with instruction on where and when to bring the vehicles for free repair.

The History of Plymouth Cars

The now-defunct Plymouth is a marque owned by the Chrysler Corporation. As an entry-level car, it served to complement the higher-priced Chrysler and its sister division, Dodge, by attracting first-time buyers. It saved Chrysler from failing during the Great Depression as Plymouth sales soared. With

10 Facts About Hummers

Hummers are used for purposes far removed from their military wedding hummer image by david harding from Fotolia.comThe gas-guzzling Hummer is a massive sport utility vehicle (SUV), the design of which is derived from a military troop transport. It was first built in 1983...

Raider S

Pricing and key information for the 2012 Star Motorcycles Raider S.


A picture of the 2010 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide's shifter.

The Future of Custom Choppers

With the demise of the TV show 'American Chopper", the future of custom choppers is left without a major marketing aid to constantly remind us how much we love choppers. The only custom motorcycle themed show to last more than a season, one has to wonder if the cancellation will have a pro

Protective Motorcycle Clothing

When it comes to your hands, they must be protected. A good pair of leather gloves is a necessity to keep you from tearing the palms of your hands off in even a minor accident.

Why You Should Add a Motorcycle CB to Your Ride

Having a CB on your motorcycle is not just for those on a Goldwing or Ultra Classic. Anybody who enjoys group rides can have a CB on their motorcycle, even on a sport bike, touring bike or cruiser. Here is the basics of what to consider.

Garage Door Repair San Diego

When it comes to garage doors, majority of people underestimate its importance. However, one realise how important a garage door is only when it stops to work or refuses to open or close. It is import

Yamaha TT-R230

A photo of the 2008 Yamaha TT-R230 motorcycle.

How to Find Used Bikes

You might want to purchase a used motor cycle, and you don't like to have troubles with it later. Therefore, there are certain things, which have to be tested before buying one. This has to be done before handling money to the seller.

Types of Car Racing

Car racing is a popular sport around the world.formula 1 race in montreal image by jedphoto from Fotolia.comSince the invention of the automobile, there has been car racing of all sorts. Racing varies from country to country around the globe, but the need for speed is the same. Several...

Great Ways to Accessorize Your Motorcycle Helmet

Are you tired of having to wear that plain old, boring motorcycle helmet that has no style or class whatsoever? Do you want to spice things up a bit and stir up a little attention with the motorcycle helmet that you wear when you head out on that long trip with a big group of riders?