Tips to Make a Caterpillar's Motor Run Better

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Ways To Keep Your Fuel System Happy

Bruno here in from an execllent tour!I'm very proud to talk about our fine quantity of CRF450X’s Honda and XR series bikes ran flawlessly. We’re very proud to get such great sponsors like IMS gas tanks, Regina chains, Precision Concepts suspension, Alpinestar Boots, Parts Unlimited

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil - Your Best Protection

Since most motorcycles are pleasure vehicles that are not driven every day, or not usually driven for extended periods, the amount of time a bike spends parked means that motorcycles are particularly

The History of the 1998 Limited Jeep 5.9

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an iconic example of the mid-size SUVs that ruled the road in the 1990s. Riding success of the 5.2L Grand Cherokee, Jeep came out with the Limited model in 1998. With a beefier 5.9L V8 and standard leather interior, the Grand Cherokee Limited raised the bar for luxury perf

The Best Bike From the Years: Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar bike is available in four variants in India such as 220 cc, 180 cc, 150 cc Bajaj Pulsar DTSi and new 135 cc. Bajaj Motors offers the vibrant colors in Bajaj Pulsar to attract the more consumers. It is the good option for those who are seeking for the lively colors and want to look diffe

Supercross Motorcycle Racing - Must Have Safety Equipment

For motorcycle mania, there is a lot of kind motorcycle to get and to ride on. Supercross or motocross is one of kind familiar sports motorcycle that we known, especially for people that who loves in the fast lane. As I said before, supercross racing is a popular sport.

3 Tips For Passing a Motorcycle License Test

If you are planning on taking a motorcycle license test, it can be assumed that you have obtained your regular drivers license before as well. In this case, the entire process is pretty similar, but the stakes are much higher. Because it is much easier to hurt yourself on a motorcycle, it is even mo

Harley 12-Volt Battery Specs

A quality battery is a motorcycle's essential component.Steven Puetzer/Photodisc/Getty ImagesIf you are in the market for new battery for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you will need a battery that fits your specific make and model of Harley. In addition, you will need a 12-volt battery...

Roller Rocker Arm

The Honda CBR250R's roller rocker arm is the world's first patented application, and enables a low-friction valvetrain with a smaller cylinder head and an ultra-compact roller rocker arm.

Specs for a 1987 Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger has lasted for over 20 years as a pillar of the American automotive industry as an entry-level, reliable, dependable truck. The Ford Ranger is a compact pickup and is smaller than a full-size pickup such as the Ford F-150.

Lathes, Mills and Drills

For the home mechanic, a few small specialist tools are adequate, but if you intend to undertake an extensive renovation, machining capabilities will be required. However, lathes, mills and even pedestal drills are not cheap.

Cooling Problems With the 1985 Jeep Cherokee

In 1984, Jeep released an all-new compact SUV: the Cherokee. Prior to 1984, Jeep used the Cherokee name as the sporty trim level of the Wagoneer. The 1985 Cherokee had three engines available: a 2.1-liter four-cylinder, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a 2.8-liter V-6. All three engines use similar coo

Motorbike Helmet Safety

Motorbike riders enjoy the excitement provided by their bikes. However, sharing the roads with other drivers can be very dangerous. With very little body protection, an accident while riding can prove fatal. Helmets provide an essential means of safety in protecting the rider’s head and neck.

Used Motorcycle Prices

When one is interested in buying a bike, you can easily compare prices and know the value through the internet. But when buying a used bike, one should know how to estimate used motorcycle prices to get a good deal out of their money.

Harley Seat Installation

Your Harley Davidson motorcycle's stock seat is prone to wear out after years of use, developing unsightly cracks or tears in the seat cover. Installing a new seat in place of the worn stock unit will help restore the look of your Harley back to its factory level. Furthermore, there are numerous Har

Fat Profile

A right profile shot of the 2008 Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones motorcycle.

How to Make a Baja Motorsports Doodlebug Dirt Bike Faster

The Baja Motorspots Doodle Bug 2011 model goes approximately 18 miles per hour, according to the bike's specification sheet. With a simple adjustment to the throttle, the minibike can go 5 to 10 miles per hour faster. The adjustment takes just minutes and you are ready to hit the streets on the fast