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How to Use Chains and Ratchet Binders

Heavy loads that exceed the capacity of nylon ratchet straps require a tie down method capable of keeping loads tight without worry about cutting or snapping the tie down material. Chains hold heavy loads and withstand abrasions from sharp loads. To tighten a tie down chain you need to use ratchet b

Honda Cbr250r Deliver Comfortable Ride

Honda is a famous automobile brand that has captured a major market share with its offerings. Hero Honda bikes cater to the demands of the Indian users who love to have bikes that are low at maintenance, powerful engines, provide great mileage and are affordable for their pockets.

Yamaha RayComing Soon With Next Generation Features

Finally, Yamaha bikes is about to enter the scooter category with its latest and upcoming model Yamaha Ray. It has all the qualities to be the next generation scooter that easily impresses men and women

GMC 4.3 Specs

Comstock/Comstock/Getty ImagesThe 4.3 liter that was used by GMC is the same 4.3 liter used in Chevrolet vehicles. This engine was introduced in 1990 as a replacement to the 2.8 liter V-6. This engine was placed in several vehicles, including the S-15/Sonoma, Jimmy and Typhoon/Syclone....

How to Use Air Pressure to Stretch a Tire

New tires can be difficult to inflate when the tire has been compressed during storage. Tire manufacturers will often tie new tires together or stack them on top of each other to save space in storage and shipping. When the tire is delivered to the tire shop, it can be almost impossible to inflate w

Kids Motorbikes - Is 125CC Too Much?

There are plenty of options for kids motorbikes around if you want your little one to be the next Valentino Rossi or even he does. There is petrol and electric versions available, after a certain size the options are typically limited to petrol as it gives more power for it's size and weight ba

Win free Classic Vespa on UK prize

Vespa scooters are the oldest names in the scooter business. They have been manufacturing motor scooters since 1946 and now become the Europe's largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles an

Bonneville SE

A picture of the 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE.

Take Consideration Into Used Motorcycle Prices When Purchasing Motorcycles

Used motorcycle prices are higher when the demand is higher than the offer, and vice versa. Values will go down when there are lots of bikes for sale but fewer buyers. The lowest prices usually appear in autumn and winter while spring and summer months have the highest demand of all.

Specs of a 1993 Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet began producing its Silverado truck since 1975. The 1993 model came in two variants: C and K. The C model had rear-wheel drive, while the K model had four-wheel drive.

How to Design a Motocross Track Plan

If the roar of dirt bikes is music to your ears, designing your own motocross track might be the first step to riding at the level you want to and at your own leisure. A good motocross track design follows the lay of the land and considers safety as much as it does enjoyment and challenging your ski

The Performance of the Ford 300 Engine

The Ford 300 got its name due to the fact that it is a 300-cubic inch engine. This is a fairly large engine that was used to power small and full-sized trucks

Have Fun And Inclusive Pleasure Of Riding With Trendy And Cool Moped 50cc

Nowadays, people are more conscious about their environment so they are turning away their car to motorbikes, scooters and mopeds. Besides from environmental aspects it’s quite cheaper and efficient than cars. Scooters are perfect for daily commuting needs and unlike cars require negligible ma

Purposes of a Hovercraft

A hovercraft can easily transition from water to land.hovercraft image by Nicola Gavin from Fotolia.comSupported by fans that force air under the vehicle to provide a lift action, hovercraft are members of the air-cushion vehicle family. Since their creation in the 1950s, hovercraft have...