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Washington Auto Insurance - Basic Coverage Tips to Help You Prepare

There's no doubt about it: we are living in straightened financial times and, during such times, everyone looks for ways in which to reduce their monthly out-goings. Insurance, in particular, is a subject that causes many people to groan. It always seems so complicated, riddled with technicalit

Insurance for Truck Drivers – The Requirements

If you are into a trucking business, you will probably want to have insurance for your truck and for your driver. This is just a protection that you can get from the busy streets where ...

Car Insurance for Women Drivers. Why Cheaper?

Car insurance for women drivers is generally cheaper than it is for men. Sexist, but true! This is the case because in general, women are thought to be less of a risk then men when ...

Minnesota Insurance Laws on Motorcycles

Minnesota laws are different for motorcycles and cars.Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesYou may know that you must carry insurance for your motorcycle when you ride almost everywhere in the United States, but you may not know that the laws differ between autos and motorcycles in some...

Insurance Definition for a Full-Time Driver

Auto insurance rates depend on a number of factors, including information about the drivers in your household and the vehicles you insure. If you have multiple drivers and multiple vehicles in your family on the same insurance policy, the full-time or part-time status of each driver can play a role

Don't Let the Car Insurance Payment Break the Bank

Everybody has those times in life when it hits you hard, and money is short. In these painful times the first thing that goes is the non-essential things in life. Unfortunately, car insurance payment can often make it into that category, which sometimes can make things even worse.

How Your Vehicle Affects Your Insurance

Insurance premiums are determined by a number of different factors. Many of them are outside of a driver's control, like age and driving experience. But some factors can be controlled by a consumer, including the type of vehicle that they drive. The make and model of a person's car can pla

Looking For Student Car Insurance? Here's How You Can Make it Affordable

If you have a son or a daughter in college or high school chances are that you are on the look out for student car insurance, which offers good coverage as well as is easy on the pocket. Of all the various types of car insurances available, you would notice that getting a cheap student car insurance

Your Guide to Car Insurance

In the US, the car is the second biggest purchase, preceded by housing. Naturally, this pricey possession should be protected and insured.

How to Avoid Company Car Taxes

Any use of a vehicle by an employee, other than use in trade or business, qualifies as a fringe benefit, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Generally, an employer must include the fair market value of fringe benefits, in excess of what the employee paid for the benefits plus any allowable ex

Car Insurance For Your Toyota Hybrid Car

When buying brand new cars, there are a lot of things to consider besides the sticker price. Not the least of your concerns should be car insurance costs. Surprisingly, less than 10% of people who purchase new vehicles consider insurance expenditure. For instance, what if you were on the market for

Why You Need to Look For Online Car Insurance Quote

Online car insurance quotes provide people an estimate of how much they might need to pay for the insurance premium on a given car. They are actually based on information that the vehicle owner gives. The service or the website itself does the computations.

Car Insurance Quotes For No Fault Policies

The state of Minnesota is one of the states that requires drivers or individuals who own a car to get them insured and it is also one of the 13 states that adopted the no-fault policy. This no-fault policy only applies to the injuries received during the accident.

The Role of Your Place of Residence in Determining Auto Insurance Premiums

You might have noticed that auto insurance companies usually require knowing where you live before they could give you quotes for your monthly premiums. And if you will take a closer look, you might also realize that they give different rates and amount of premiums for people living in different are

A Car Insurance Agent is Especially Helpful in Finding Online Deals

Another advantage of having a car insurance agent is that we can have a two way interaction compared to an online interface. This person can give us detailed and systematic explanation and answers with regards to all our insurance queries or whatever concern that we may have especially on our policy

Things You Can Do to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Years ago if you wanted to get the cheapest insurance possible, it was an arduous task of calling every insurance company in town, or getting in your car and talking personally with the agent at all the different companies. Today, finding cheap California auto insurance is so easy it takes very litt