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Iris Crafts

Iris crafts are made by folding thins strips of brightly colored papers and arranging them in a spiral to create a design. The center of the design looks like the iris of a camera, for which the craft technique is named. The technique originated in Holland but has since become popular across the glo

How to Make an Origami Puff Heart

Origami is not limited to just square paper. Use long strips of paper to make hearts and stars that puff out. These 3D hearts use short strips of paper. Use pre-cut origami paper strips that are used to make 3D stars, and cut them into smaller strips. Alternatively, cut strips of paper out of origam

How to Organize Scraps of Fabric

Many sewing rooms have pieces of scrap fabric scattered around the floors, tables and chairs. This type of disorganization can make your room look messy and make it more difficult for you to work. An organized sewing room will help you feel better and work faster and more efficiently, when you are a

How to Make Baby Bonnets & Hats

Making hats and bonnets for babies are projects that can be done in an afternoon or over a weekend, depending on the gauge of your yarn and the complexity of your pattern. They also make adorable presents for any expectant mom or toddler on the go.

How to Wear Oversized Beanies

Oversized beanies are a hot fashion trend during the frigid winter months. Floppy, woolen headwear exudes a casual, laid back attitude while keeping your head cozy and warm. Even if the weather hasn't begun to cool yet, big beanies made from lighter fabric can add a bohemian vibe to a late spring or

Cross Stitch With Whole Stitches or Backstitch

Cross stitch is a very relaxing and rewarding hobby. Lately it is taught even in schools and young children are loving it. It helps people increase their self confidence when they finish a design, it ...

How to Make a Santa Hat Out of Paper

When gearing up for the holidays, paper crafts are an easy way to catch a little bit of holiday spirit. Santa hats made from paper can be used as decorations to hang around the house, or they can be turned into Christmas tree ornaments. While the suspected origin of the jolly Santa Claus character v

How to Clean an Iwata Revolution Airbrush

The Iwata Revolution Series airbrush is an uncomplicated, inexpensive tool--well known by the art industry. Like any other airbrush, paint is forced with air pressure through small openings. Paint will clog the small openings if the airbrush is not regularly cleaned. Manufacturer-recommended cleanin

Make A Pilates Chair - Latest News And Tips !

Ever wonder how to locate the best pilates chair plans for that great idea you've been wondering about but didn't know if it was possible? I highly recommend that you simply spend a

How to Make a Quilt Corner

How you finish the corners of your quilt masterpiece depends solely on your preferences. Most quilters place one or more borders along the outside of the center quilt top to frame the quilt design. The corners of those borders may be finished in a variety of ways. Select from one of the three most c

How to Sew Bed Quilts

Handmade quilts bring cheer to any room of the house and can coordinate with any theme. They can fit on a bed, hang on a wall or elegantly drape the back of a sofa. If you make your own quilt, you have the freedom to choose your favorite colors, with your finished piece standing as functional art t

Tutorial for How to Sew a Basket

A fabric basket is a storage accessory that you can make to match your curtains. Make a small basket with high sides to hide the remote controls on your coffee table. A round basket in the corner can hold the newspapers for recycling. A soft cloth basket with sturdy handles is great for the kids to

How To Protect Leather?

The care of your leather is not just about making it look nice it is about extending the life of your leather goods and sustaining the look for the long term.

Camping and Wilderness Survival

Camping in the back country is one of the most exhilirating activities you can do to feel alive and self-reliant. There are always potential hazards involved in going camping that you can prepare for. Knowing a few basics about wilderness survival will help you in case of a lot of different emergenc

How to Make a Cold Shoe Mount in Photography

In photography, cold shoe mounts are used to hold a camera's external flash in place. As free standing light rigs, photographers can use cold shoe mounts in tandem with tripods to create a variety of lighting options for their photos. While these equipment pieces can be purchased, a photographer ca

How to Make Letters by Twisting Wire

Make personalized jewelry by twisting fine-gauge wire into initials for a pendant, key chain or bracelet. You can also create one-of-a-kind decor for a teen's or child's room by twisting heavier-gauge, coated wire into individual letters or a whole name for display on a bedroom door or wall. Model y

How You Can Make Soap

There was a movement recently to try to get returning to core, without sacrificing many of the great things of living. An example, people desire to save electric power, but doesn't take some time to ...

How to Make Fake Handcuffs

A great novelty item to make for magic tricks or practical jokes is a pair of homemade handcuffs. These type of handcuffs are really simple to make and do not require a lot of monetary investment. If you are looking for a fun way to pass the time making these cuffs and putting them on friends is alw

How to Make a Rose Hair Bow

Rose hair bows are classic, charming, and eye-catching. They're also inexpensive to create and are the perfect gift to impress your stylish friends. You have the option of matching the rose on your hair bow to the theme of a special occasion, such as red for a romantic rendezvous or yellow for brunc