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How to Collect Genealogical Clues from a Death Certificate

Genealogists are constantly looking for evidence to prove a relationship in their family tree. Some pieces of evidence are better than others, and offer many pieces of information a genealogist can use to build his or her tree. A death certificate may offer many pieces of information about the deced

How to Personalize Stationery

Give your letters, notes and "to do" lists a decorative touch by adding your monogram, a design or personal symbol in the corner or along the top or bottom of the page. Personalize each sheet as you use it, or even use one of these methods to create a set as a gift for a friend, teacher or family me

How to Make a Two-Sided Scarf With a Fringe

A two-sided scarf with fringe adds a touch of class to any outfit. You can make a scarf that completes your look and keeps you warm on a chilly day. This fashion statement says that you are practical, yet stylish. Take about an hour to add this timeless accessory to your wardrobe.

DIY Elegant Paper Flowers

Create lovely paper flowers with elegance to decorate your home for a special occasion such as a wedding reception, bridal shower, afternoon tea or birthday party. The paper flowers are easy to assemble with inexpensive materials and give you a fabulous final result that will impress your guests whe

How to Replace the Speaker on a Marshall MG100DFX

The Marshall MG100DFX is a combo-type guitar amplifier that contains a preamp, power amp and speaker in a compact enclosure. You may wish to replace the stock speaker if it has failed, or if you would like to install an aftermarket speaker to achieve a distinctive tone. Change the speaker easily wit

How to Create a Family History Booklet

Many genealogy books contain family histories for multiple branches of a family and sometimes span several volumes. To create a family history booklet, the concentration is on a particular group, depending on the target audience for your booklet. Family history booklets are popular family reunion ha

Science Projects for Kids on Electromagnets

An electromagnetic science fair project can demonstrate how a metal object's magnetic field increases when an electric current runs through it. An increased magnetic field around a nail, for example, can enable it to pick up objects that would ordinarily be too heavy for it to lift. Such an electrom

Art Activities for 5 Year Olds for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most important American holidays. Many children know that in addition to bringing good things to eat into the house, the holiday also kicks off the end-of-the-year holiday season. However, small children often do not understand Thanksgiving's larger...

How to Get a Full Incense in "SoulSilver"

"Pokemon SoulSilver" is a roleplaying video game that challenges the player to collect a menagerie of monster-like pets (Pokemon). The game also contains dozens of items, several of which are essential to making a pet happy. By giving the item Full Incense to a Snorlax and breeding her with another

How To Choose The Right Band Manager

Hiring someone to work as your manager is a serious decision for your career, having a manager means that you and your band members have someone to help take care of the band.

Irwin Quick Grip Clamp Set

Irwin Quick Grip Clamps/Spreaders Someone once told me that owning a pair of woodworking clamps was like having an extra pair of hands and I think that is oh so true. I bought a pair ...

How to Make a Giant Teddy Bear

Making your own giant teddy bear can be a lot of fun and a great gift idea. Whether you've promised your little one a new giant teddy or you're a teacher and want to make something special for the kindergarten class you teach, making your own giant-sized teddy bear can be accomplished with little ef

Gift Ideas for Kids in the Hospital

Being in the hospital can be a scary time for many young children. While illness is never fun, neither is the constant idleness that many children suffer from while being hospitalized. Luckily there are many games, supplies and activities suited for young children to help keep their minds off of the

How to Make a Candle Handicraft

Candle making can be a wonderful pastime. While candle making is not particularly difficult, the Family Education website recommends reading about the practice before undertaking a candle-making project. Making candles involves melting wax over a heat source, so it is important to understand the pro

How to Stitch Pajamas

Pajamas bottoms, paired with a tank top or T-shirt, are a convenient sleepwear item for any season. If making pajama bottoms for the summer months, also consider making pajama shorts as they will keep your legs cooler through the heat. If you are feeling really crafty, you can easily take the simple

How to Make Slash's Top Hat from Guns N' Roses

Slash, the former lead guitarist for the rock band Guns n' Roses, is an icon of rock and roll. But it's not just because of his unforgettable guitar licks: His personal style has made him one of the most recognizable personalities in modern music. The signature element of his ensemble is his iconic

Puffy Paint Ideas

Puffy paints are easy for children to paint craft image by Christopher Hill from Fotolia.comPuffy paint works on many surfaces and leaves a "puffed" texture and appearance after it dries. Puffy paint adds color and unique details to paper, clothing, school equipment and cards,...