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Winter Scrapbooking Ideas

Capture winter images and anecdotes on seasonal scrapbook pages.winter happy girl 5 image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.comGather your family's seasonal photographs, written memories and memorabilia in a scrapbook devoted to winter traditions and activities. Consider the Florida...

Video: What Kind of Interfacing Do You Use on Felted Wool for Purses?

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Christina Gavenda, and today we're going to talk about what kind of interfacing to use on felted wool purses. What kind of interfacing you use is completely dependent on the style of bag and how sturdy you want the bag to be. Interfacing comes in a...

How to Set Dye in Wool Yarn

The term, "dyed in the wool," refers to the method of dyeing wool fiber before it is spun into yarn. But you can create your own special colors of wool yarn with acid dyes. When processed correctly, acid dyes create a strong bond with the protein fibers of wool that cannot be washed out. If you've

How to Find Freezer Paper

Freezer paper is used to store food for extended periods in the freezer, as well as for various crafts. Since it has two sides: a plastic coated and non-coated, it has versatility when used for crafts. Finding freezer paper is not as difficult as you might think, but you might have to look outside t

How to Make Animal Tracks Using Eraser Print

Learning about nature and animals is interesting and important. One thing that children will find fascinating is learning about animals and their tracks. If studying this is a planned activity, consider creating animal track stamps as one of your classroom projects.

Placemat Clutch Purse Instructions

A standard-size placemat is the perfect length and width to use in constructing an envelope-style clutch purse. With as few as two machine-sewn seams and enough hand-sewing to attach a magnetic snap closure, making a placemat purse is a quick and easy afternoon project.

How to Mix Screen Printing Inks

Screen printing inks are used to create screen prints on T-shirts and other clothing. Placing a print on an article of clothing can be easy, but it requires a special ink. Mixing screen printing ink involves a couple of ingredients, such as hardener and thinner. When these two ingredients are added,

How to Paint & Distress Old Furniture

Vintage-looking furniture is a popular choice in home décor because it gives a room charm and personality. This type of furniture is easy to spot because it has imperfections such as chipped, peeling or missing paint. It isn't necessary to go to a second-hand shop or a flea market to find that

Embroidery Stabilizer Tips

When doing machine embroidery, you need to use a stabilizer backing on the underside of the garment to keep the stitches in place while stitching. There are several different types and weights of stabilizers, so make sure you are using the correct stabilizer for the fabric on which you are embroide

How to Sew a Cosplay Costume

Cosplay, short for costume play, is the practice of dressing up and masquerading as characters from anime, a popular form of Japanese animation. A visit to a cosplay convention wouldn’t be complete without wearing a costume of your favorite character. While some costumes are available for purc

Screen Printing Duties

Screen printing is the process of using a light fabric stretched over a frame to create several prints of the same image. Some people who screen print simply create a stencil to place on the fabric screen to make images. Others use emulsion fluids and light to burn an image onto the screen. Although

How to Knit Cat Booties

Clothes for your pet can be expensive, so many pet owners make the clothing for their beloved pets. If you know how to knit not only can you make booties for a newborn baby but you can use that same pattern for your cat.

Homemade Hydroponic Light Reflectors

Hydroponic light reflectors optimize your light source. For plants that enjoy full sun, this can be crucial to an ideal hydroponic growing situation. In addition to maximum light, these reflectors can also dissipate some heat and thereby help with air quality and decreased fungus growth. There are m

How to Make a Spider Rigging

Spider rigging is a great way to increase your odds of catching more fish, especially crappie.Spider rigs are often constructed of metal rod holders attached to a horizontal rod, which is mounted on a vertical rod to the boat. Most spider rigs are not permanent and can be removed by unsc

Cowboy Crafts for Children

Couple craft making and cowboys to provide children with fun and engaging activities.COWBOYS image by ab from Fotolia.comWhether you are a parent hosting a cowboy-themed birthday party or a school teacher who wishes to educate her students about cowboys, consider engaging children in...

Crafts With the Yellow Pages

Those heavy Yellow Pages books which show up on your doorstep can be recycled or used to make interesting and useful crafts. The pages can be used for paper crafts or the entire book can be made into something else altogether.

DIY Diaper Bag

Make a large diaper bag to carry around all of your new baby's needs when you are out traveling. Show off your creativity with a fabric pattern that matches your personality and add pockets to the outside of the bag in matching or contrasting fabric for extra storage space. You can embellish the dia