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How to Make a Rose Cottage Tassel

Add a little charm to your shabby chic or cottage-style home decor, by making your own romantic rose cottage tassels to hang from hooks, drawer pulls, picture frames or window coverings. These beautiful tassels are made using bits of fancy trims and a full, English-style silk rose in whites and dust

How to Do Fondant Cakes

Making and decorating your own cake desserts gives you the ability to present beauty with flavor. If you're a naturally creative person in the kitchen, making homemade fondant for your cakes shouldn't be a hassle, and it's a cost-friendly alternative to buying pre-made cake fondant. Homemade fondant

Video: How to Crochet a Cross Stitch Over Two Stitches

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts, and in this segment I'm going to show you how to cross stitch over two stitches. You're going to do your regular double crochet stitches and as you are working across the row, when you decide you want a criss-crossed stitch, what...

"Curse of Briar Rose" Cheats

"Dark Parables: Curse of the Briar Rose" begins with an alternate ending to the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. That famous kiss never awakens Princess Aurora and all of the briars (thorny plants) disappear. A thousand years later and these plants are back and spreading so fast that the city could

How to Make Invitations With Plaster

For your next party, make a three-dimensional invitation using plaster. Plaster mold invitations are a unique way to get the attention of your guest, and they are a great way to set the stage for a theme party.

How to Make a Chrysalis Craft

A chrysalis refers to the growth stage of the caterpillar that it has to go through before it can become a butterfly. The chrysalis encases the butterfly during this slow transformation. You can make your own three-dimensional chrysalis crafts as an educational follow-up activity for a biology lesso

How to Sew a Lined Wine Bottle Gift Bag

A bottle of wine makes a wonderful hostess gift, or can be a thoughtful gift for almost any other occasion. Dress up your wine by gifting it in a luxurious lined fabric gift bag. It is easy and inexpensive to sew your own wine gift bag. If you have the materials lying around, it won't cost you a dim

The Musical Ensemble Of Baltimore String Quartet And Its Past

They started with concert halls and theatres, but now they form an integral part of wedding ceremonies and birthday parties; they are none other than the popular string quartets. They started way back in 1700s and today share a special place in special events of people throughout the globe. They are

How to Make Shredded Paper Mache

Used by the Egyptians to form death masks and coffins, paper mache consists of paper and an adhesive substance blended into a paste and is used today for a variety of crafts from carnival floats and theater sets to small figurines and face masks. An inexpensive and versatile sculpting material, pape

How to Make a Seahorse Diorama

Seahorses are different from other aquatic animals for several reasons. Male seahorses are the ones that reproduce, and, according to "National Geographic," seahorses remain with one mate for life. Elementary students can create a seahorse diorama after studying about them in science class

How to Design Jewelry With Semiprecious Beads

Designing jewelry is a subjective process, what looks good to one person may not suit another. Bead selection is a main element of beaded jewelry designs and often the most difficult. Semiprecious stone beads, such as amethyst, topaz, onyx and amber, pair beautifully with other types of beads in you

The History Of Knitting

In this article you'll find a brief account of the history of knitting as well as some modern perspectives on this popular crafting hobby.

How to Dry Clay for Kids' Projects

Kids love projects that involve clay; they get to make a mess and, at the end of the project, they've made something that's, hopefully, worth keeping. Clay can take a long while to dry naturally -- perhaps several days, and kids aren’t that patient. At school they get to put their clay models

Singer Toy Sewing Machine Instructions

A toy Singer sewing machine introduces the mechanics of sewing on a device versus sewing by hand. The many moving parts of the Singer toy sewing machine closely approximate the larger model machines. Children can gain sewing experience by threading the machine and bobbin, feeling the tension and lea

How to Knit Foot Warmers

Foot warmers are similar to socks, but they have no heel. Foot warmers can be made from yarn of any weight, but heavier yarn is best for use during cold weather. Lightweight yarn is great for use in the summer. Foot warmers are knitted using a skein of yarn and straight knitting needles. This projec

How to Make A Crochet Rag Rug

The art of crochet rag rugs began in the old days to cover floors before people had carpeting. The rag rug was usually made of old clothing recycled into a crocheted rug. New fabric's were sometimes hard to get back then. Today you can buy new fabric to make them or even use scrap fabric if you wis

How to Make Ancient Egyptian Paper

Ancient Egyptian paper, or papyrus, was made from the papyrus plant, which grew on the banks of the River Nile. Strong and durable, papyrus was used to make mattresses, chairs and boats, too. Papyrus was used so commonly by the ancient Egyptians as a material for books and records that the word 'pap

How to Make Your Own Pirate Costumes for Kids

Playing dress up has always been a favorite pastime for kids, regardless of whether Halloween is anywhere nearby on the calendar. Adding costumes to kids' games increases the fun, and it helps their imaginations grow. One of the more popular character archetypes for children to play has always been