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Golf Ball Craft Project

Golf balls are easy to decorate and lend themselves to a variety of craft projects. You can use golf balls to create projects to display at home or to give away as gifts. With a few supplies and ideas, show off your artistic abilities by creating crafty golf balls. Children may need minimal supervis

How to Analyze Western Blot Data

Western blots are a gel electrophoresis technique that analyze the protein content of a biological specimen. This technique is a standard procedure in biological research laboratories and can also be used in forensics or biomedical diagnostics.Western blots take purified protein from a t

How to Make Jeans Look Like They Are Oil Stained

If you want to simulate oil stains on a pair of jeans either for a fashion statement or for a costume, then you're in luck --- staining jeans is a simple DIY project that will take you only minutes. Oil stains are usually on the surface of the fabric material since oil stains are usually not caused

How to Make Bars of Soap

You can make your own customized, natural, healing soaps. Essential oils, herbs and vegetable glycerin are used to create soap for any skin type. Use this easy process to make your own bars of soap or guest soaps, or give them as gifts or as party favors.

How to Make a Diva Doll

The popular website MyDivaDoll.Com is a free online paper doll game geared toward community play. Unlike other paper doll games, you have to work to be able to choose new clothing, accessories, and decorations for your doll's living space. Simulated features in the game involve training and sending

How to Create a Memory Collage

A memory collage is a great idea for celebrating any milestone or commemorating an event. When your child is finishing up a grade in school, a memory collage can be a lot of fun as well. Think ahead in life in order to create great memory collages by acquiring lots of pictures in advance. Bring out

How to Craft a Rug From Socks

Keeping socks in their original matched state is often difficult for many people. Either the washer or dryer causes them to disappear or one of two socks disappears on its own. But you can make use for all of those mismatched socks by creating a rug out of socks.

How to Make a Sleeping Mat

A homemade sleeping mat or nap mat is a thoughtful way to send a little bit of home with your child as she goes to preschool or daycare. You can make this mat with any fabric you desire. Fleece is a good choice: It is inexpensive, colorful and easy to wash.

Doll Clothes Closet Ideas

When little girls get to the doll-dressing stage, those tiny clothes start to pile up. Just like our clothes, doll clothes always stay nicer if there's somewhere nice to organize them. It is, however, surprisingly difficult to find doll closets at the toy store (whatever happened to those...

Projects to Make From Recycled Sweaters

Everything seems to have gone green these days and the world of crafting is no exception. Green crafting is the art of using recycled materials in craft projects that are not only environmentally conscious but also quite cost-effective. Recycled sweaters from either a thrift store or your own closet

How to Sew With Bias Seam Tape

Bias seam tapes are useful notions for a variety of sewing applications, both decorative and to increase garment durability. Bias tape is created from fabric cut on the diagonal, giving it a high level of flexibility. It comes in a variety of colors and widths to match your project needs. Single-fol

How to Make Porcelain Elephants

Porcelain elephants are typically made using the slip-casting technique. This technique requires liquid porcelain and a mold. Hand-building porcelain elephants is a more difficult project and as a beginner, you get better results using molds. Slip-casting is a complex technique, but you can get the

How to Make a No Sew Bandana

People of all ages wear bandanas as a fashion statement. Alternatively, wear a bandana to keep your hair off your face and protect it from the sun. Many people make matching bandanas for their cats and dogs. Make decorative bandanas for yourself, your family and pets, or as gifts with fabrics you se

How to Hand-Sew Blinds

If you are looking for an easy window treatment, consider hand-sewing some blinds. They are simple to do and, with the aid of a roller blind kit, they take very little time. The sewing you will do on a hand-sewn blind is only along the bottom edge. The side edges are left raw to allow the roller bli

How to Bend Headpins

Headpins are a fantastic invention. These simple wires can connect a strand of beads to a necklace, bracelet or earring. They can extend an earring to make a classy pair of chandelier earrings, or you can make a simple pair of dangle earrings with them. In order to create beautiful jewelry, though,

About Melted Bead Art

Melted bead art is an art form gaining popularity using plastic beads, metal forms like pie tins and your oven. You can make a variety of projects limited by your imagination and the size of your oven. Whether you recycle beads caught at Mardi Gras or purchase new plastic beads at the craft store, m

Video: The Differences Between a Crocheted Afghan & Crocheted Blanket

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Christina Gavenda with, and today we're going to talk about the differences between a crocheted afghan and a crocheted blanket. And afghan is a blanket made by crocheting yarn and it usually has geometric shapes or stripes to it....

How to Get to Faraway Island With Gameshark

In "Pokemon Emerald," Faraway Island is an area off the coast of the Hoenn mainland. Only one Pokemon makes its home on this distant land; however, that lonesome Pokemon is Mew, a legendary Psychic-type creature that resembles a cat. The Old Sea Map, a special item released by Nintendo, can lead you