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How to Build a Longhouse for Kids

Tepees were not the only dwellings created by Native Americans. According to the Native American Museum of Art, the Iroquois created groups of longhouses for their communities. In Iroquois tradition, "elder brothers" who lived before there were people and animals on Earth lived in longhouses made fr

About Tie Dye

Tie dyeing clothes has been popular in the United States and other countries since the late 1960s, but people have used similar techniques for thousands of years. Tie dye became especially popular in the late 1960s and 1970s.

How to Do a Half Cross-Stitch on Evenweave Fabric

Experienced cross-stitchers often create projects on material called "evenweave fabric." This fabric has fine vertical and horizontal threads woven together. As you cross-stitch over these threads, you create the stitches over two threads each time. Although evenweave fabric does not have the standa

Instructions for an Origami Cat With a Full Body

You can fold an origami cat with a full body using one sheet of square origami paper. Folding an origami cat with a body is a more complicated process than the simplistic cat face that most people fold. It requires different folding techniques, although most aren't too difficult for a beginner to le

How Do I Use Felted Sweaters for Christmas Presents?

If you mistakenly washed your favorite wool sweater in hot water, don't fret. You can extend the life of a felted sweater by turning it into a variety of handmade gifts to give at Christmas. Felted wool makes a great craft fabric that, with a little creativity, you can turn into wonderful gifts.

How to Sun Cure Cigar Tobacco

A process called curing is the final step in the production process of tobacco. Tobacco starts out as a flowering plant and eventually develops broad leaves used to create cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff and cigars. Curing reduces moisture content in the tobacco leaf from 80 percent to about 20 p

How to Paint a Fashion Doll Face

The art of painting extends to many different mediums and surfaces, including fashion doll faces. Painting doll faces does require time, patience and practice, but can prove to be a wonderful hobby for every talent level. You must take certain precautions to paint a doll's face successfully and safe

Creative Play - Pottery Wheels for Children

As a child grows and matures, from baby to toddler, and all the way through to adolescence, there are many areas of development that a child goes through. A child develops physically, as they grow ...

Easy Ways to Make Earrings

Simple earrings can be assembled with a few basic tools and supplies. Useful tools include needle-nose pliers and chain-nosed pliers; supplies include headpins, jump rings, wire, beads, sequins, small charms and adhesives. Ear wires, earring backs and other items are easy to find in bead and craft s

How to Use Paint on an Old Caterpillar D6 Bulldozer

The Caterpillar D6 bulldozer is made of galvanized steel. Dirt, mud and rocks often scrape paint from the vehicle due to the nature of the work performed by the D6 bulldozer. Also, if the bulldozer has been sitting for years, the paint job is likely to rust. While a heavy equipment painter will prof

How to Get Those Cool Brown Furry Boots in "Club Penguin"

"Club Penguin" is an online game site for children. Playing any of the various games will earn them coins that allows them to purchase items to wear or put in their igloos. One of these is a winter item known as furry boots. Players can make these boots any color when they pay for them. However play

How to Chrome Plate Aluminum

Chrome is an alloy made from copper and nickel. It makes a shiny coating, and is a popular plating material for auto parts. When you send out aluminum parts to be chrome plated it is very expensive because chrome plating involves caustic and highly toxic chemicals, making the costs worth the investm

How to Make a Primitive Snowman Hat

No snowman is complete without a stovepipe hat. Likewise, no country home decor is ready for winter without a primitive snowman hat on a shelf or sideboard. Make your primitive snowman hat to add to your holiday and seasonal decorating. Design a small hat to add to displays or a large hat to take ce

Instructions for Crafting With Tin Cans

When crafting with children, gather supplies from around the house to avoid going out and buying them. Tin cans are versatile crafting supplies because they are sturdy, smooth and you can cut them. Whenever you use a tin can, wash it out and dry it. Then toss it in a craft bin with other household i

Interior Decorator Games

Design games are very popular and cover a wide array of themes, from clothing to cars. Interior decorator games allow players to mix and match furniture pieces to creating the desired environment. Some of these games instruct players to replicate a specific look; others allow players to design howev

How to Impress Judges in Drill Tryouts

First impressions are extremely important in all aspects of life. It's no different when you try out for your school's drill team or dance squad. Focus on specific components to help you stand out from the pack and make you an ideal candidate who will impress the judges and ultimately make the team.

How to Ship a Sewing Machine in a Cabinet

Properly packing your sewing machine in a cabinet will help to ensure it arrives at its destination in good condition. Plan ahead of time how to pack the equipment and which carrier to use for delivery. If the equipment is heavy, have someone help you with packaging and delivery to the carrier.