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How to Make Daybed Bedding

Daybeds are practical, but buying bedding for them can be expensive. You can make your own bedding at home for a fraction of the price. Choose the fabric you want, then mix and match colors and patterns.

Braided Woven Headband Instructions

Braided woven headbands are a popular fashion accessories for women of all ages. They add flair to plain headbands and are a great way to amp up any outfit. They're also simple to make. Brightly colored ribbon adds fun and quirkiness to the headband, while darker, silk ribbon adds sophistication. Le

How to Make a Greek Girl Costume

Women in ancient Greece wore a garment called a chiton. This is the garment we see depicted on ancient statues and in modern movies. It is made from a single large rectangle of fabric, fastened at the shoulders. In ancient Greece it would have been woven to fit the wearer. Ancient Greek women wore

How to Make Neck Roll Pillows

A neck roll pillow is a small, firm pillow that's perfect for supporting the neck while reading in bed. If you have neck or back problems, sleeping with a neck roll pillow in addition to your regular pillow provides extra support, and may help alleviate your pain. You can also make a neck roll pillo

How to Crochet Up From a Base

Almost all crochet pieces build up from a base chain, also called a foundation chain. The chain is created by wrapping the hook once and pulling the wrapped yarn through the stitch before it. Working into a base chain can be confusing the first few times you do it, but working into only the back loo

How to Make a Memory Quilt Wall Hanging

Quilting is a centuries-old craft that is an art form in itself. Bringing together form and function in one piece, quilts are made for a variety of purposes. They can keep you warm, commemorate an occasion or decorate the wall of a room. A memory quilt wall hanging provides an unusual and personal a

Photo Image Transfer Techniques

With digital photography, scanning, editing and printing readily available to the average consumer there are many new techniques for applying photos to nontraditional surfaces. Photos can be printed directly onto different kinds and colors of paper or fabric. Photographs can be printed onto transfer

How to Make a Paper Steamboat

People who are tired of making the usual paper sailboat may wish to make a paper steamboat instead. This is one of the easier origami patterns, with most of the steps simply involving folding the corners inward. You can use a sheet of origami paper or a regular sheet of printer paper or construction

How a Hand Vacuum Works

Handheld VacuumsHandheld vacuums are small, lightweight vacuums used to clean up small messes. Typically, they are used in the home to pick up small items such as dropped food, small dust balls, dirt brought in on shoes from outside and other small items. They are typically able to reach...

How to Sew Letters on a Letterman's Jacket

Congratulations on your letters! Now the problem is getting them on your jacket!

Follow these simple steps to learn how to sew letters on your Letterman's jacket.

How to Preserve Leaves

Leaves are a beautiful addition to fall floral arrangements, wreaths and crafts. You can even use them on greeting cards, in scrapbooks or to decorate a gift. But you need the leaves to stay soft and supple and not dry up or flake away. Use everyday items to preserve leaves for use in all your favor

How to Draw a Net for a Rectangular Prism

A "net" in terms of geometry is the shape something would take if you flattened all the sides so that you could see every single panel of the shape from a bird's-eye view. If you've ever bought a cardboard gift box that was completely open -- one where you had to lift and interlock all the panels to

About Flash Photography Lighting Gels

Lighting gels are often used to alter and provide effects to photographs in flash photography. Lighting gels can provide the appearance of attracting lighting and also create an ambiance and aura of warmth within a picture. Lighting gels have that name because they were originally created out of the

How to Make a Purse Out of Kool-Aid Packages

Making a purse out of Kool-Aid packages is a great way to recycle, and the purse looks adorable. Girls of all ages will love seeing their juice packages turned into a handbag with just a few simple stitches. Give them as gifts or have a group of girls over to craft these purses---just tell them to b

How to Use Vinegar to Remove the AR Coating on Eyeglasses

Anti-reflective coating has been a great development in eyeglasses, but it certainly doesn't feel that way when it gets scratched. The reflection may be gone, but the scratch is all that you can see. Luckily, there is a quick fix that you can perform with easily-found household items. Vinegar and mu

How to Get Liquid Soap Off a Leather Jacket

Liquid soap can be used to clean leather jackets if you apply it properly. However, a liquid soap spill, especially if the soap contains perfume or other additives, can set into the leather and appear unsightly. It is easy to remove a fresh liquid soap stain or spill from a leather jacket, and even

How to Make Placement Cards

If you are having a dinner party of more than four individuals, it can be beneficial to create placement cards. This is also a good idea for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any special dinners when the extended families or special guests gather together. Creating your own placement cards not only allows