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Different Plastic Materials

Plastics have become an essential part of modern life, finding uses in almost every home and industry. While there are many different kinds of plastic materials, they can all be categorized as either thermosets or thermoplastics based on whether they can be melted and recast. The Society of the Plas

How to Make a Southern Belle Costume

You can be the belle of the ball in a costume reminiscent of dresses worn by Southern women during the Civil War era. To make this outfit, you will need to sew a gathered skirt and a very full, stiff slip to make the skirt puff out, a shawl from the same fabric as the skirt and a coordinating satin

Make Use Of Fibonacci Method In Trading For Profit

Everyone who has ever traded on the Forex markets is aware of about the famous Fibonacci trading method. This strategy is one of many common ways for people investing in foreign exchange currencies to make a profit, and if you hope in making any type of headway in this investment market, you will ne

Candle Making – How to Clean Up

This articles describes tools that you will need to make your own candles. Specifically, this article focuses on cleaning up your work area.

The Best Baby Scrapbooks

A scrapbook is a special way to remember the milestones of your baby's early years. Arranging photographs with mementos and descriptions creates a lasting memory for you and your child to enjoy later in life. Be as creative as you want for each page, and use a theme for cohesiveness. Add die-cut pap

How to Make Your Own Poem Poster

Poems can be very moving, inspiring and personal. If you have been inspired by a poem and would like to create something that expresses how you feel about it, you could design and color a poem poster to hang on your wall. Designing a poem poster allows you to create something beautiful to remind you

How to Make Fluffies

A fluffie, or cyber fluffie, is a large leg warmer made from faux fur. The fluffies are often made from an unusual fabric color, such as blue, pink or a bright pattern. These leggings are added over tights as a way to transform the look of boots or other shoes. Cyber fluffies are most often worn wit

How to Make Colorful Lanyards

If you have a boring old lanyard, make one yourself with colorful beads so your keys or other small belongings won't get mixed in with everyone else's. A lanyard strap is usually just a plain woven nylon strap, but you can make one with beads the same way you would go about making a beaded bracelet.

How to Make a Styrofoam Gazebo

Styrofoam is a synthetic substance that is commonly used as a packing material. Styrofoam is both solid and light. Available in blocks, sheets, and chips, it can be re-assembled in numerous shapes. Styrofoam can even furnish a convenient building material for temporary structures. A children's playh

Ideas for Clay Slab Boxes

The slab method of making pots is a key ceramic technique. You roll out plastic (soft) clay into flat even sheets of a pre-determined thickness, then assemble your pots from these slabs using liquid clay (slip) to stick them together. Using a single slab rolled into a cylinder, you can make round an

European Classical Art

While there is no official period of art known as "classical," when people think of important historical paintings from Europe—that is, work that is not modern—they often think of works by the "old masters." According to the Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art, an old master usually mean

How to Make Felt Play Food Strawberries

According to Dr. Robert Titzer, creator of the popular "Your Baby Can Read" series, children learn as they explore the world through their five senses--sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. And crucial to the development of babies and toddlers, says, is sensory play, play that in

How to Make a Twizzler Flute

Twizzlers are a popular brand of licorice whip made by Hershey's. They typically come in strawberry flavor, though they can also be found in cherry, chocolate and black licorice. They are somewhat stiff sticks of licorice candy that are twisted and hollow on the inside. The hollowness makes them eas

How to Make a Recycled Paper Elephant

Environmental conservation comes in many forms, including the preservation of plants and animals. By making an animal sculpture from recycled materials, you can honor both forms of conservation at the same time. Make a lasting, three-dimensional elephant sculpture by transforming old newspapers into

How to Make Scrunchie Bows

Embellishing a hair scrunchie with a fabric bow is an inexpensive and simple project for beginning and intermediate seamstresses. Scraps of cotton and basic sewing supplies can be used to enhance existing accessories. Adding a soft bow to a fabric-covered hair elastic can be particularly beneficial

Tips for Silk Painting

White silk is a blank canvas for painting.white silk image by NiDerLander from Fotolia.comSilk painting has been in practice for centuries. Beginners as well as advanced artists can produce pieces of usable art with a few tips. Scarves, ties and wall hangings are all possible project...

How to Bridge the Gap Between Vocal Registers

To sing well, you must be able to execute a smooth transition between your vocal registers. Your low notes, called the "chest voice," resonate in your sternum. Your high notes, known as the "head voice," vibrate in the mask of your face and the upper part of your head. Until you master the ability t

Easy Paper Christmas Crafts for Children

Christmas craftsarts and crafts image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.comKids of all ages love to make paper crafts. Christmastime can be a time for kids to make crafts to give away as gifts or display on mantels. Many creative projects can be made using simple household items and without the...

How to Calculate the Mass of Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol, is a fuel, industrial chemical and popular recreational drug. In the human body, it acts as a central nervous system depressant by suppressing certain brain functions. In chemistry and biochemistry labs, it has a wide variety of uses. If you're working in a lab,