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Making Scrapbooks for Others

Making a scrapbook for someone else can be a challenge. It can be difficult to gather pictures that another person may find meaningful or interesting. However, this should not be a deterrent to an otherwise heartfelt gift. Finding the right pictures can be as simple as digging through old photos and

How to Make Jewlery Beads

Take your jewelry designs to the next level by making your own beads with polymer clay. Clay is available in a variety of colors, but you can also paint it for custom colors and designs. You can find everything you need to make clay jewelry beads at your local craft store, your grocery store and fro

Making Plush Toys

Making a homemade plush toy can be a fun activity for an adult or a child, and the toys can be kept or given as gifts to loved ones. Making stuffed bears and dolls requires only a few basic sewing materials and tools, and even novice sewers can come up with something cute and cuddly. With a few tips

Ways to Weave a Coconut Basket

Humans living in tropical regions have woven coconut baskets for thousands of years, often keeping patterns within a single family line for generations. Coconut fronds are durable and malleable, making them an ideal choice for storage, and beautiful, making them perfect for decoration. Like all craf

Northwest Native American Indian Craft Projects for Kids

Totem poles are known Northwestern Native American Indian artifactstotem image by F/32 from Fotolia.comThe Northwest Native American Indian tribes include the Tlingit, Chilkat, and Zuni who make the totem or totem pole, dancing blankets, fetishes and masks. A different item characterizes...

Rest in Peace Tattoo Ideas

A nice way to remember lost loved ones is with a memorial tattoo.cemetary 2 image by sonya etchison from Fotolia.comSadly, we all have to face a time when we lose a loved one. Many tattoo enthusiasts choose to commemorate lost loved ones by displaying tattoos that represent their lives or...

How to Make Bows for Attaching to Fabric

When creating projects out of fabric, adding delicate bows makes the fabric look more elegant and feminine. Bows can be added to almost any project that you think needs a little something extra to make it stand out. Attach bows onto the surface of a blanket, on children’s garments or on layers

How to Make an S-Shaped Jewelry Clasp

Jewelry clasps are a necessary component of many necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Clasps allow adornments to be opened, put on and closed. Jewelry clasps come in a broad assortment of styles, from basic lobster clasps to special magnetic ones. While they are readily available at most jewelry suppl

Photo Image Poster Board Project Ideas

Projects using photo image poster boards allow for transferring images from digital cameras onto a sturdy backing. And photo image poster boards cost just a fraction of what you'd pay for canvas. This medium allows for prominent display of your work while using your crafting skills in creating even

How to Close the jQuery Modal

jQuery is a type of JavaScript Web coding that lets you create dynamic pages for your website. A modal window is a pop-up that you can use to display information to the user without opening a separate browser tab or window. You provide a Close button so the user can close the modal window. jQuery us

How to Age a Paper With Tea Bags

Creating the appearance of aged paper is a craft idea enjoyed by elementary school students and scrapbook enthusiasts alike. "Aged" paper can be used for historical effect on love letters, history presentations, and for stage props. It is an idea that can contribute a romantic tone to wedding recep

How to Make Your Own Tie Quilt for Girls

Certain craft projects give parents a feeling of pride accompanied by a guilty sense of dread. "You're making a rug for the front hall out of recycled newspaper and old magazines? That's great, honey." Other projects are actually simple enough for a child to make, yet sophisticated enough

How Do I Get Nata Tashi in "Persona 3"?

"Persona 3" is a role-playing game developed by Atlus Co. for the PlayStation 2 console in 2006. The "Persona" series is a spin-off of the "Shin Megami Tensei" franchise and has developed a cult following for spinning dark, original stories involving school kids who summon demons. When the game's pr

Hand-painted Angel Crafts for Kids

Angel crafts give children a glimpse at these figures from the Bible in a way that they understand. Crafts help children visualize things that might not have made sense before. The Bible teaches that when Jesus was born, an angel appeared in the night sky to guide the wise men. No one really knows w

Street Magic - How to Build an Audience

Street magic is really the frontier of new magic. If is often referred to as naked magic because it strips away all the props, mirrors and assistants to give you a clearer and cleaner performance. ...

The Art of Native American Pottery

Native American Pottery from North and South America. This includes the many southwest pueblos in North America as well as the Casa Grande area of Mexico and the Mata Ortiz pottery.

How to Make Fabric Easter Baskets

Fabric is a children-friendly material. It is safer for your kids to have fabric baskets during Easter. If they slip and fall while carrying these, they will not get cuts or other injuries from them. These can also be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Once Easter is over, you can wash them and

How to Make a Personalized Baby Receiving Blanket

Receiving blankets are often overlooked. They are used every day by parents, yet they are generally not given much thought or attention.A handmade receiving blanket, personalized with the baby's name on the corner, however, would be used and cherished.Making a personalized re