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How to Download a Lecture on an iPod

The iTunes program by Apple is a popular online music store, and also provides free college lectures in the form of audio, video and PDFs through its iTunes U section. The audio lectures are compatible on all iPod models, whereas the video and PDF files are compatible on video-capable iPods and the

How Much Music Does the 32GB iPod Touch Hold?

Apple's 32GB iPod Touch combines the features of a traditional iPod with many of the features of an iPhone. While an iPod Touch cannot make phone calls on a wireless carrier plan, it can connect to a wireless network so you can surf the Web, purchase music and download applications from the App Stor

How to Become an iPhone App Creator

Anyone can create iPhone applications and submit them for the App Store. The freedom granted by Apple is part of its success when it comes to App Store. While you need an idea and the ability to learn the programming required, Apple makes it as simple as possible for you to become an iPhone App Crea

Finesse Games for the MetroPCS

MetroPCS provides coverage in many parts of the country and a variety of versatile, smart phones. One popular phone is the Samsung Finesse. It has a touchscreen, virtual QWERTY keypad, 2.0 megapixel camera with video and MP3 music player. It can also download a few dozen entertaining, interactive ga

How to Get Categories on an iPhone

The App Store is an application found on the Apple iPhone that provides access to millions of applications in the iTunes Store. Of the many applications, or apps, Categories is an app that improves the organization of the App Store by creating easy-to-use categories for the apps. These categories so

What to Do if Your iPod Is Dropped Into Water

The iPod line of MP3 players includes various types of devices that vary in size and function, but one unfortunate consistency is that none of them are waterproof. In the event your iPod gets wet or is submerged in water for any reason, the most common way to fix it is by making sure it is off, then

How to Copy a Custom Application to iPod

As the iPod continues to evolve into an increasingly capable multimedia tool, it is becoming more popular to add custom applications to the device. These applications can be added to jailbreaked iPods and can be copied to the system the same way as any other application by using the iTunes program.

How to Make a Paper iPhone

An iPhone is more than just an electronic device---it has become a status symbol and a way of saying that the person who has it is hip and cool. But since it's the design of the iPhone that is appealing, making your own iPhone out of paper is also a way to point out that you have a sense of style. A

How to Reset My iPod's Sync History

The iPod synchronizes with your computer's contacts and calendars based on the synchronization settings in iTunes, which updates your iPod's contacts and calendar information. Resetting your iPod's sync history can correct synchronization issues if your iPod's information does not update even though

How to Put a CD on Your iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle is a compact digital music player created by Apple that eschews the traditional screen and large storage capacity of the classic iPods for simple operation. Like all of Apple's iPods, however, the iPod Shuffle uses the iTunes application to sync music files from a personal computer.

iPhone Wi-Fi Tips

The Apple iPhone is a popular smartphone with Wi-Fi capabilities and a full-featured web browser that can display nearly any web page. If you are having problems connecting to a network or are experiencing a weak signal, there are a few tips you can use to troubleshoot your issue.

How to Attach HP Ipaq 3115 LCD to Digitizer

Compaq is a company that manufactures a range of computer-based products. Since Compaq was taken over by Hewlett-Packard, all of its products have been marketed by HP. iPaq is a line of PDAs. Some of the products, including the iPaq 3115, feature touchscreen technology that uses a digitizer to conve

How to Play iPod Songs on a Computer

The iPod digital music player is a convenient way to carry around all your favorite songs without having to deal with the bulk of CD players and discs. One of the benefits of an iPod is that you can listen to your music on any computer, regardless of what computer your iPod is officially registered.

Guide to Backing Up Your Mac

There are many Mac backup software programs available. With so many products to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. About: Macs takes a look at some of the software and hardware that can help you with your Mac backups.

How to Become an iPhone Apps Developer

The iPhone App store has quickly become a multimillion-dollar industry for software developers and Apple. According to Keith Stuart of The Guardian, the rising revenues of the iPhone App Store make it one of the best venues through which to make money from software. The App Store's success has large

How to Uninstall Smartphone Apps

When your phone's memory starts to fill up, you have to be ready to start deleting applications and cached files. Take a moment to consider how many of your downloaded applications you actually use. You can probably uninstall a handful of them to free up space. Not only are you freeing up memory on

How to Make a Nano iPod Cover

You have purchased your iPod, which was probably sold alone. You have your headphones, and now you're trying to figure out what to do to protect it. You don't want your new toy to be scratched, dented or harmed if you drop it. A decently constructed cover can do just the trick.

How to Use a Different iTunes Account for an iPhone

To buy and download media from the iTunes Store, you need an Apple ID. Apple IDs are unique, but you may have more than one. If you want to use a different account for the iTunes Store on your iPhone, you will have to sign in with a different account user name and password. You can sign in to a diff