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How to Transfer iPod Songs to a New Computer

The Apple iPod is a versatile digital music player that can turn into a portable hard drive in addition to playing your favorite tunes. When the excitement of getting a new computer suddenly dissolves when you realize that all of your music is still stuck on your old computer, don't fear. You can us

How to Download Yahoo! Onto Your iPod

Yahoo! is a website that offers users email access, news and a search engine. Yahoo! also has several popular applications or apps that you can download onto your smartphone, putting Yahoo! at your fingertips. The iPod touch is the first iPod that supports Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi. If you

How to Connect Rocketfish A/V Cables to the iPod Touch

Rocketfish composite A/V cables allow you to connect your iPod Touch to a television to listen to music or watch videos stored on the mobile device. The Rockfetfish composite cable enables you to listen to iPod audio through the TV speakers while viewing images on the TV screen. Use the red, white a

How to Undo in the Note Application on the iPhone

The "Notes" application gives you a quick place to jot down lists and reminders. With the small keyboard of the iPhone, it is easy to accidentally add or delete text to a note in the application. Before you panic or begin retyping everything, use your iPhone's "Undo Typing" feature to fix your mista

How Do You Connect an iPod Touch With Nike iD?

Nike iD helps you track your workout progress on a daily basis. After each workout, Nike iD sends the information to your iPod along with feedback. Classic iPod models have to be directly connected to the Nike iD card, but this is not the case with an iPod Touch. With a few quick touches of the scre

How to Download Javascript to an iPod

JavaScript is a scripting-language that must be enabled on a web browser to be able to access certain websites on the Internet. In order to use JavaScript on an iPod you must have an iPod Touch and the ability to access the Internet through a wireless connection. Once you become connected to the Int

How to Use My Verizon Cell Phone Data Plan to Connect to PlayStation 3 Live

The PlayStation Network, or PlayStation Live, is Sony's online community of gamers. When connected to PSN you can download PlayStation games directly to the PlayStation 3 (PS3). You can play against thousands of other gamers from all over the world. You do need an Internet connection to connect to t

Turn Your Keyboard Into a Piano

You can play your Mac keyboard like a grand piano or any other software-based instrument you load into GarageBand.

How to Download Songs From Windows Media Player to an iPod Nano

Although the iTunes program is the default program for syncing songs to your iPod Nano, there is a plug-in available for Windows Media Player users that enables music playback and synchronization. The MGTEK dopisp plug-in is a shareware application that connects to your Windows Media Player program,

Does iPhone Recovery Lose the Stored Data?

You can do a lot with the iPhone: call people, surf the Internet, play games, listen to music and watch videos, just to name a few of its many features. But at the end of the day the iPhone is just an electronic device, prone to fail from time to time, which is why Apple builds a restore function in

How to Transfer Contacts From an Old Phone to a New iPhone

The iPhone's "Contacts" application syncs with contact-management applications on your computer such as Mac OS X Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Yahoo! Address Book, Windows Address Book and Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can transfer contacts from your old phone to your new iPhone th

How to Sync Safari Bookmarks to an iPhone

One benefit of having an iPhone is being able to sync it with your computer to import contacts, media, calendars, notes and even your Safari bookmarks. Once you set your iPhone to sync with your Safari bookmarks, your iPhone will be updated each time you connect it to your computer, adding any new S

Types of Ebook Readers

With the popularity of eBooks, more and more eBook readers are joining the competition, and each has its own advantages. Initially, some eBooks were only available for use with particular readers, but with time, more formats have been added for compatibility between readers. While the first readers

Can I Make My iPhone Ringer Louder?

The Apple iPhone is one of many hand-held cellphones on the market today that boasts Internet capabilities and photo taking capabilities, however that doesn't mean it's a perfect device. The ringtone that comes with the iPhone may be too low for some, which can lead to missed phone calls. Luckily, t

Can You Remove Blackra1n From Your iPod?

Whether you're talking about Blackra1n in terms of the jailbreak or the app, they can both be removed from your iPod touch. Blackra1n alters the iPod in a way that allows you to access system files. It takes approximately 30 seconds, and once it's complete, it leaves an icon on your home screen in t

How to Setup a Rocketfish Headset

Rocketfish is a company that manufactures a line of headsets designed for various electronics applications, such as game consoles and cell phones. Even though there are different kinds of Rocketfish headsets, they operate in a similar manner. The good thing about these headsets is that they can be c

How to Rip CD Segments

Ripping a CD is the act of loading audio from a CD onto your computer. This is often done to load music from a CD onto an MP3 player or to listen to it on the computer. However, you might not want to rip an entire CD onto your computer. When this is the case, you can specify which segments of the CD