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How to Sync an iPod with Google Calendar

Google Calendars is a tool included with your Google account that allows you to import and export calendar events to your mobile devices, which includes support for importing events to your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch connects to the Google server and updates the calendar application on your iPod Tou

How to Stream Music to an iPhone

One of the features of Apple's iPhone is that you can stream music files from Internet radio stations. Streaming files is something that you may find attractive because you don't have to actually house the files on your iPhone's memory. The iPhone accesses the files through a media streamer applicat

How to Transfer MP4s to My iPod

Apple iPods offer consumers an extensive amount of space to store videos, music and other media. These devices can host a variety of music and video file extensions, so be sure to check your specific model's User's Manual to see whether you can transfer MP4s to your iPod. Transferring MP4s is as sim

How to Use Facebook on a Chocolate Touch

As a Chocolate Touch user, you can access your Facebook account from the phone. After logging in to your account, you can update your status, view your news feed and comment on your friends' posts. You do not need to download or install an application on your phone to access your Facebook account. A

How to Tether an iPhone 3GS 3.1.3

The Apple iPhone 3GS and newer models use the AT&T 3G network to provide voice and data services to the device. The 3G network offers Internet connection speeds that are similar to broadband, making it ideal for connecting external devices like a laptop or iPad when you do not have an accessible wir

How to Sync a Sansa Clip With iTunes in Windows

The Sansa Clip is a media player that is compatible with Windows-based operating systems. You can, however, sync it with iTunes by downloading the "Bad Apple" application. Natively, iTunes is not compatible with the Sansa media player, but with the plugin application you can download, you will then

Sandisk Vs. Nano

IPod is one of the most recognizable name in portable music players. But other companies--including Sandisk--produce players of their own that offer similar features. Consumers can compare and contrast the iPod Nano and Sandisk's Sansa View.

How to Eject an iPod From a Computer

After you sync your data files onto your iPod, you must remove it before you are ready to go. Safely ejecting your iPod from your computer is a simple and necessary process when using an iPod.

How to Jailbreak an iPhone 3G

Jailbreaking an iPhone is slang for releasing the restrictions that Apple has set that only allow you to install apps from their App Store. It is simple and easy, and allows your iPhone to share it's 3G internet connection with a computer, have multiple apps open at the same time, or make changes t

My iPhone Screen Is Frozen

Many glitches can cause the iPhone's screen to freeze. The most common cause is running too many apps at once. Large apps or videos can overload the device, and not updating the iPhone can leave it vulnerable to malware or malfunctions. To fix this problem, you can try to power the phone off, reset

How to Change the Owner of an iPhone 3G 3.1.2

To transfer ownership of an iPhone, it must be disconnected from the first owner's iTunes account. Otherwise, the phone will still want to purchase apps and media under the account of the original owner and will ask for his or her password. The original owner will also want to wipe all of his or he

iPhone Phone Missed Calls

It was also easy to keep track of calls you'd missed on the original iPhone, as shown here.

How Do I Forward Email Messages on My iPhone?

The iPhone has been described as a hand-held computer. Although it does not contain all of the functionality of a full-blown computer, the iPhone has features that can help you manage your personal and work-related tasks. One feature that is highly used on iPhones is the email feature. The iPhone pr

How to Change the Order of the Mailboxes on an iPhone

iPhone users can link different types of email accounts to their phone, including those by Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft Exchange. Within the iPhone email software, you can read mail, delete it and organize it into different folders. However, if you have several different mailboxes within an acco

How to Get Google Now on iPad

Google made a small splash last week by releasing Google Now for the iPhone and iPad. But those hopping on the app store and doing a search will quickly find

How to Tell If iPod Is 5G or Later?

The late fifth-generation iPod, which is also known as the iPod video, was released in late 2006 and was one of the first iPods that supported video playback. While identical, the original fifth generation of the iPod was released in late 2005 with a smaller hard drive. If you're unsure about the ge

How to Sync iPod With Winamp

Winamp is a free media player that you can use to listen to audio files that you have saved onto your computer. You can also sync portable MP3 players, including the iPod, with Winamp, allowing you to add and remove files from the player.