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What Do the Icons on My iPhone Mean?

The iPhone is one of the most popular cell phones available today. With your iPhone, you can make telephone calls, send text messages, surf the web, watch videos, listen to music, play video games and more. If you're a new iPhone user, you probably notice that your phone has a lot of default icons o

How to Lock Photos on an iPod With a Passcode

When you take a photo using your iPod touch's camera, it is automatically saved into the "Camera Roll." The "Camera Roll" is open to viewing by anyone who has access to your iPod touch, and does not have a dedicated passcode or security feature. If you want to ensure your photos are kept private, yo

How to Connect an iPod to a Receiver

If you own a home stereo system, you are likely to own a receiver. A receiver is a piece of electronic equipment that acts as an intermediary between peripheral devices and speakers. You can connect devices, such as DVD players and cable boxes, to a receiver to play the audio through your home stere

iPod 101

IPods are small personal audio players made by Apple. There are numerous iPod models available for users to select from. Older models are capable of playing music only. Newer models can play video and music and store photos.The iPod Classic uses buttons to control features and offers the most storag

How to Learn to Use a Touch Screen

More and more electronic devices are employing touch screen technology to allow you to control the basic functionality of your equipment. Touch screen devices operate literally how the name suggests--instead of using a keyboard or mouse to control an electronic device, you use your finger and touch

How to Save a Battery Hold Button

Most digital music players, such as the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune, feature a hold button on the side or top of the device's frame. The hold button is often labeled with a lock symbol. When you put your music player in hold mode, the device stops responding to all button input, preventing you fro

How to Remove a Credit Card From an iTunes Account

Did you know you can set up an iTunes account without a credit card? While Apple requires a credit card or other form of payment when registering, you can easily remove it. Find out how.

How to Share Mac Files with Windows Vista

File sharing in OS X 10.5 is controlled via the Sharing preferences pane. Using the Sharing preferences pane, you can enable file sharing as well as select the protocols to use.

How to Upgrade an iPhone From Version 1.14

If you have an iPhone that still has the 1.1.4 firmware version, it is time to upgrade to a more recent firmware version. The newest version of iPhone firmware, as of 2010, is the iPhone iOS 4.0.1, and it is available to download for free using iTunes. Upgrading your iPhone is important because it a

How Do I Set My Speed Dial Numbers on an iPhone 3G?

The iPhone 3G by Apple allows you to create a favorites list in your phone application, which acts as a speed dial list. Whereas accessing a contact the normal way required a series of steps including scrolling through your contact list, the Favorites list shows up immediately after tapping the phon

How to Restore iOS 4 on an iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is a smartphone manufactured by Apple. Some units do not ship with iOS 4 pre-installed. You can enable data protection and get a free MobileMe account by restoring the iOS software on the device. You can restore your iPhone in one of two ways: by using either the latest version of iTune

What's the Best Mac Office Suite?

Do you have a favorite office suite? One you use to write memorable memos, crunch wayward spreadsheets, and whip out dazzling presentations?Let us know by nominating your favorite application for the Best Mac Office Suite in the Reader's Choice Awards 2010.

Can You Use FaceTime on Windows?

FaceTime, Apple's video-calling technology, is great for iPhone and Mac owners, but what if you have a PC? Can you use FaceTime on Windows?

How do I Download Music Directly to iPod Touch for Free?

Unlike other iPod models, the iPod Touch is able to sign on to Wi-Fi Internet when available. This ability allows the user to download music directly to the iPod rather than downloading onto a computer and adding the music to an iPod Touch. Through music blogs and iTunes, it is possible to directly

How to Prevent Your iPod Touch From Refreshing Safari

Although Safari on iOS includes a menu for configuring your default search engine and the pop-up blocker, the app does not allow you to configure the way the app automatically refreshes pages. This can be especially troublesome for iPod touch users who may experience a delay when they launch Safari

How to Add an AVI File to an iPod

As of August 2010 AVI is not a supported iPod video format, but it can be encoded to a different format when imported into the iTunes application on your Mac or PC. The iTunes 8 program includes a video converter, which copies the original video and converts it to an MP4, a high-quality video format

How to Follow an iPhone User Online

Where's My iPhone is a feature of Apple's MobileMe service that you can use to potentially follow an iPhone user online. The feature works with the iPhone's built-in Global Positioning System chip to show the current location of the iPhone on a map. By refreshing the location information on the map,

How to Transfer a Music Library in iTunes From One iPod to Another iPod

Apple developed the iTunes program as a way for you to manager your music and video files. You can also use the iTunes program to put music on your iPod. If you want to transfer your music library from one iPod to another iPod, you can use iTunes to complete the process. First, you must transfer all

Cool Accessories For Your iPad

If you are looking for big sound from a not-so-big device or want to get the best headphones for your iPad, this list will point out the accessories that are the best in category and best in value. Page 4.