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How to Use T-zones on an iPhone

T-zones (also called "T-Mobile HotSpots") are a collection of wireless Internet-access points available at various businesses and other locations across the country. Coffee shops like Starbucks, certain hotel chains and other types of businesses all offer T-zones to their patrons. If you have an App

How to Hook Up an iPod to Outdoor Speakers

Connecting an iPod to a stereo system involving outdoor speakers is a simple process. With a Y-audio cable you can play your iPod through any stereo receiver, and through any speaker hooked up to said receiver. A Y-audio cable has a left and right component that connects to your receiver's audio-in

How to Set an Alarm on a Redgroove Dock Station

The Redgroove is a budget docking station for MP3 players. The port in the docking unit is compatible with most iPod models, and a digital LED in front displays the time. The unit also has an alarm feature.

How to Play Videos on the iPhone

The iPhone is an Internet- and multimedia-equipped smartphone designed and built by Apple. It can connect directly to the online iTunes store, where music and videos can be purchased and downloaded. Once downloaded, the videos are viewable on the iPhone's built-in iPod application. The app remembers

The Best Quality Earphones

Earphones are a necessary accompaniment to MP3 players and cell phones that store and play music. According to blogs and forums across the Internet, however, a lot of consumers are unhappy with the quality of earphones that manufacturers supply with music players. Audiophiles seek earphones that giv

What Are the Available Configurations of the Iphone?

iPhone configurations help to keep information secure.background with binary data image by Pedro Nogueira from Fotolia.comApple, maker of the iPhone, offers several configuration utility options to be used with specific iPhone models. Originating in 2008, an iPhone configuration utility...

How to Rip Music Off an iPod

Being able to rip music off your iPod can sometimes mean the difference between losing your digital music library and having to painstakingly piece it back together, or simply importing it back onto your computer at once. Apple does not make this task easy and they don't have any program that suppor

How to Sync Outlook Contacts With an iTouch Over the Air

The Apple iTouch (iPod Touch) comes with wireless capability. Usually, to sync the device, you connect it with a USB to your PC or Mac computer. Being able to sync Outlook contacts is an option available through the iTunes transfer. However, an application is available for the iTouch that allows use

How to Use My iTouch Recorder As a Phone

It is now possible to make phone calls without actually holding onto a cell phone (or home landline). This is because devices that receive data through wireless signals such as Wi-Fi are capable of sending and receiving voice encoding through the wireless network. This includes an Apple iPod Touch (

Outlook Sync Has Stopped Working With My iPhone in Vista

Outlook synchronization with your iPhone copies data from Microsoft Outlook on your Vista computer to the contacts, mail and calendar applications on the device. An interruption in the syncing service commonly results in outdated information appearing as the most recent information in your contacts

How to Replace iPod Cradles

iPod cradles create a simplified connection option for hooking an iPod to a computer or audio system. The dock incorporates a dock connector that mates with the bottom of the iPod, meaning the unit can simply be placed into the dock for a proper installation. Replacing a dock is a very simple proces

How to Import a SIM Card With the iPhone

iPhones sold for use on the AT&T Wireless network require subscriber identity modules to function. This SIM card is a small chip that can also store contact information. The iPhone allows you to import this SIM contact information directly from the Settings application. Once you import the SIM conta

iPhone 4S Product Review

Many people were disappointed by the iPhone 4S, for many reasons. But when you set aside expectations, is it a good phone?

How to Upgrade an iPod by Email

An iPod's programming can be upgraded online. Although you cannot change the hardware in the iPod or give yourself a larger amount of space, you can upgrade your iPod to the newest version of iTunes. Usually, you do this through the iTunes store or the iTunes site. However, if for some reason the st

Profile: Boggle

Electronic Arts has brought the fun of tabletop Boggle to the iPad, enhancing it with new game modes like Advanced, where the letters in a chosen word switch places for more strategic play. You can even challenge your friends to a match via email.

How to Setup a Cox Email Login

The Cox WebMail emailing client is an additional service offered to all Cox Communications customers. Before any Cox customer can enjoy the benefits of the Cox WebMail, they must set up their account online. Cox email login setup can be configured by simply registering your customer account online.