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How to Configure an iPhone Orb With Hava

With a combination of Hava and Orb on both your computer and iPhone, you can watch live television on your phone. But before you can begin viewing your favorite content, you must first configure the Hava and Orb software together. Doing so only takes a few moments of your time and once complete, you

How to Sync Games to an iPod

Move over Nintendo, there’s a new pocket gaming device in town: the iPod. Although it doesn’t play games as advanced as those for Nintendo's DS and Sony’s PSP, the iPod can be used to play some fun games while on the go. In addition to the games pre-loaded on your iPod, more gam

How to Format a Sansa Fuze From a PC

The Sansa Fuze is a multimedia device that supports numerous audio and visual features. Primarily designed as a digital music player, the device also stores photos, plays videos, FM radio and possesses voice recording capabilities. Available items are efficiently stored in different folders, each pe

How to Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail on a Droid Eris

The Droid Eris runs the Google Android operating system, which integrates with other Google products, such Google Docs, Google Maps and Gmail. If you already use Outlook on your computer, you may have created a group of contacts that you want to use in your Eris. You don't need to enter each contact

How to Synchronize IPhone in ITunes

The iTunes program is not only a media player, but a manager for Apple mobile devices including the iPod, iPad and iPhone. When connected to your iPhone, the iTunes program copies content to the device from its library based on your synchronization settings. ITunes sets your iPhone synchronization s

Tools & Utilities for the Sansa Clip 2G

The Sansa Clip is a versatile music and audio mp3player. The sleek player comes in an array of colors and offers users a multitude of choices for music playing, music management, audio recording and more. The 15-hour battery life, built-in microphone and belt clip provide above-average...

How to Organize Your Homescreen

All smartphones have a home screen, which is the screen that contains shortcuts to your phone's applications. Many phones have multiple home screens. As expected, the home screen can get cluttered with applications and look completely disorganized. Unless you have a method to your madness, you'll pr

How Can I Remove Cycorder Apps from My iPhone?

Cycorder is a free video compression application available on jailbroken iPhones through the Cydia store. The Cycorder application allows you to take video using your iPhone's camera at higher resolutions than are possible with the iPhone's native Camera application. You can delete the Cycorder appl

My iPod 2.2.1 Won't Restart

Restarting an iPod can resolve many common problems, such as freezing and functionality glitches. You can typically restart a touch-wheel iPod by pressing down on "Menu" and "Select" (the center button and the top of the wheel), and you can restart your iPod Touch by pressing down on "Sleep/Wave" an

How Can I Get the App Store on My iPod Touch?

The iPod touch, an MP3 player made by Apple, comes with a variety of free apps already installed. For example, the "Camera" app enables you to shoot pictures and videos with the device's two built-in cameras; the "Maps" app gives you access to Google Maps; and the "Music" app lets you play music and

What Is the Apple Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking an Apple device is a process that enables users of iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads, to unlock the operating system. Once a device is jailbroken, you can download a number of applications and software-based tweaks that are unavailable through Apple's App Store.

How to Hook an iPod to the Back of a Prius Deck

Hook your iPod to your Prius deck so that you can listen to one of your own custom playlists while you're driving. The Prius comes equipped with an auxiliary jack, allowing you to connect most types of MP3 playing devices. Provided your iPod has battery power, you can then listen to it instead of th

Review of Photoshop CS5

Review of Photoshop CS5: Photoshop CS5 continues the program's long tradition as the premier image editing application on the Mac. With Photoshop CS5, Adobe has moved to a 64-bit application completely rewritten in Cocoa, Apple's native Objective C programming language.

How to Use an iPod as a Second Computer Monitor

The release of iPhone OS 2.0 brought about third-party applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. These applications have greatly extended the ability of these devices. A few developers have created a way to use your iPod Touch (and iPhone and iPad) as an external display for your computer. Running

How to Activate Wi-Fi on an iPod Touch Manually

The iPod touch doesn't just provide you with a music library on the go. It also has Internet capabilities. The iPod touch can connect to available wireless Internet connections and surf the Web using the Safari browser included on the device. Usually, Wi-Fi capabilities are enabled automatically. Bu

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 Winners: About: Macs

It's time to announce the winners of the Reader's Choice Awards 2010. As you may be aware, the Reader's Choice Awards are entirely driven by you, the readers of the network. The guides who run the individual sites, such as About: Macs, chose the categories for the awards, bu

How to Block on the HTC EVO

The HTC EVO allows you to block your caller ID on outgoing calls. You can also block incoming calls from people with whom you'd rather not talk for whatever reason. When you block your caller ID and make a call, the person receiving the call will see "Restricted" or "Unknown" rather than your phone

How to Use a Different iTunes Account for an iPhone

To buy and download media from the iTunes Store, you need an Apple ID. Apple IDs are unique, but you may have more than one. If you want to use a different account for the iTunes Store on your iPhone, you will have to sign in with a different account user name and password. You can sign in to a diff

How to Make a Nano iPod Cover

You have purchased your iPod, which was probably sold alone. You have your headphones, and now you're trying to figure out what to do to protect it. You don't want your new toy to be scratched, dented or harmed if you drop it. A decently constructed cover can do just the trick.

How to Uninstall Smartphone Apps

When your phone's memory starts to fill up, you have to be ready to start deleting applications and cached files. Take a moment to consider how many of your downloaded applications you actually use. You can probably uninstall a handful of them to free up space. Not only are you freeing up memory on