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How to Choose the Right School Shoes for Kids

There is always a sense of excitement with kids when they are heading towards a new standard as they are surrounded by a fresh lot of books, stationery, backpacks, lunch accessories, uniform and much more. It's a whole new world of learning, growing and exploring for them, which is always backe

Teenagers' Sleeping Habits

It is almost a rite of passage for teenagers to burn the candle at both ends as they grow. Studies are starting to show that the lack of sleep is affecting them, in driving, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and fast foods.

So, You Want to Communicate With Your Teenager?

Are you a lucky parent raising a teenager in today's world? Pretty scary! We all want our kids to like us. We know they love us, but liking us is another thing entirely. We want communication open and flowing - how do we make this happen?

Baby Car Seat Shopping Tips

Baby car seats are a very basic necessity for anyone who has children and want to travel by car along with the infant. In most states in the US there is mandatory law that anyone travelling with infants or babies must have a baby car seat installed in order to ensure safety of the child.

How To Find The Right Summer Camp For Your Kids

The summer can be long and boring, especially for children living in New York. They need distractions, such as a few days at a summer camp. Long Island summer camps are famous for their friendly counselors, exciting activities and adventurous experiences.

The Big Questions of Life

We can establish a new trend of teens taking control over their life. Understanding their talents and power and accepting their uniqueness as a gift.

How Playing Team Sports Can Benefit Your Child

My little nine year old girl started playing soccer last summer. It all started with pure fun, but after playing for a year now, it is evident that team sports really benefit a child's growth. When she began playing indoor soccer last summer, her coach complimented her athleticism and suggested

Army Toy Tanks

Toy tanks are a necessary part of any army toys collection if your child enjoys playing with such toys. After all what else are the toy soldiers going to move about on? Luckily there are a variety of toy tanks on the market at the moment to suit all children or young at heart adults and all budgets.

Ethical, Ecological and Green Children's Books

So why do we need ethical, ecological and green children's books? Well, we only need switch on the TV to see the mess that current and previous generations have made of a beautiful planet - climate change, pollution, exploitation of natural resources, decimation of plant and animal species - th

Birthday Party Traditions Around the World

No matter where you live you have probably celebrated your birthday in one way or another. Birthday parties mark another year gone; this can be exciting especially as we get old enough to drive or frightening as we get older and want to celebrate 29 again and again. In ancient times birthdays were a

Are You Trustworthy?

Am I trustworthy? It's a great question. I wish more young people would ask it of themselves. My target today is the younger pre-teen/teen reader who may be wondering why others don't find them to be particularly trustworthy, whether that be their parents (including step-dads like me), tea

Children and Laser Eye Treatment

For the eyes to develop and coordinate as it should be, great eyesight is extremely all-important. This should be a priority before the kid reaches 8 years old. Early eye examinations are essential fo

Why You Should Teach Your Kids About Money

As a parent, you want to raise your children to be financially independent and to understand the value of a dollar. If your child does not understand the importance of being frugal and saving for a rainy day, chances are they will continue with those same bad habits into adulthood. Everyone wants th

Top Five Toys for Boys & Toys for Girls

Top 5 toy ideas for boys and girls that the major retailers stock just for you. Gift ideas that are easy on your wallet and guarantee loads of fun for both family and friends.

Energy Is Power: How This Impacts Moms

I open the flight magazine on the plane and these words leaped out at me. Energy is Power. What does this have to do with moms? Everything! If you want to Power your Parenting you need energy. It takes a lot of energy to parent your daughter. Here's the dilemma. The biggest complaint I hear fro

Early Childhood Development and the Benefits of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

The American Academy of Pediatrics defines early childhood as the ages between one and five years, encompassing the toddler and pre-school periods. Early childhood development occurs rapidly and is widely recognized as extremely important in setting the foundation for future learning, including the