Prepaid Cell Phone Plans - Reviews and Free Wireless Option

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Prepaid cell phone plans are generally popular with the youth and those who use very few minutes per month.
They have the benefit of not requiring a contract or cancellation fee.
Minutes, however can be quite costly, averaging around.
25 cents per minute.
Generally, you just purchase a phone from a Target or Radio Shack that is compatible with the carrier you are choosing and purchase a phone card that can be refilled as you go, usually for $20 dollars a shot.
When the minutes run out you purchase another one.
The best rated pre paid providers are as follows: With T-Mobile there is no monthly fee and you just pay for refills.
Plus, they have a good selection of phones.
AT&T also has good phone selection and an excellent national network, plus a dollar a day fee when the phone is used plan.
Metro PCS offers a flat unlimited monthly fee but is available only in some markets.
Boost Mobile targets the younger generation.
Their phones are a bit pricey but they offer a cheap mobile web and downloadable service.
T-Mobile has come out with something revolutionary, however, that offers free unlimited service.
They have teamed up with a smaller provider to give customers a chance at getting their cell phone bill free if they refer three people to their plan.
In addition to this, for those who are interested in getting a piece of the action in the cell phone industry, an entrepreneur can start his or her own virtual cell phone store without any investment.
So, if you are looking for a good pre paid wireless plan choose one of the above mentioned ones--or go and vie for the free route--it's up to you.
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