Weed Control – Helping Your Lawn Grow Beautifully

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There can be no lawn without weeds.  Weeds are indeed a part and parcel of every lawn. It is left to you to deal with it in the right manner.  Procrastinating weeding can have detrimental effects on your lawn and be in a very bad shape.  Then, it is important to address the problem then and there so that the other plants and grasses are able to grow well and in a healthy manner.

Try removing the weeds when they are just growing.  A simple hoe and a little effort is more than sufficient for removing weeds and this activity should be done atleast once a month or even earlier, if you feel that the weeds have spread considerably.

Weed control also means using weed killer applications.  Smaller weeds are easier to get rid of as compared to the larger weeds.  A single application of weed killer is more than enough for removing the small weeds.  Hand weeding may take a lot of time and effort as compared to the weed killer. Owners of a big lawn may have to opt for this kind of treatment as it is quicker and effective as well. Weed control applications are available in the form of sprays, powders, gels etc.

Weed control applications in the form of granules can be sprayed on the lawn and you can rest assured that your lawn will not have to face the problems of weeds for a specific period of time.    It is advised that you go through the instructions mentioned on the packet before using them.  Also make sure you use the application carefully. Tough and stubborn weeds can be removed by spraying stronger weed control applications.

Try removing the weeds once they begin sprouting.  If you are going to do the entire job all by yourself, then wear protective clothing and eye protection, as the chemical may cause problems.  High concentration weed control sprays may have severe side effects like burning sensation of the eyes etc. Do not just spray it directly on the weeds.   Highly concentrated weed control mixtures are sometimes harmful on humans and pets.  Whacking the weeds is just a temporary solution and within few days, you will find that the weeds grow back again.

Excessive spraying of fumigants will damage the soil and the fertility of the soil will be lost.  Hence, leave the job to professional lawn care companies who will be able to do a good job.  Soils that have been completely damaged or has lost its fertility may have to be changed totally. A very important tip for reducing weed growth is to plant as many plants and flowering shrubs as possible, so that there is little place for the weeds to thrive.
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