Safe Baby Cribs And Safe Accessories For Your Baby

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Baby cribs are excellent items for handling the baby. That is why they are extremely popular today. Great materials are available in the market that is very attractive and most of them claim to be safe for the baby. However, the prospective buyers should be careful to assess perfectly whether the products they are buying are really safe for the child.

Safe Baby Cribs and Bumpers

Cribs that combines the features of comfort, breathability, and safety for the child is easily the best product. However, some of the accessories may not be as useful as they are stated to be. Crib bumpers for instance are not necessary for safe sleep of the child. Parents worrying about the legs and arms of the child protruding through the sides of cribs often use the bumper. However, the bumper has the disadvantages of causing suffocation for the child. At the same time it can also result in re-breathing stored and stale air for the child that would be immensely harmful for its health. Cribs that allow flow of free air and enough ventilation is easily the best bet.

Dangers of Infant Sleep Positioning Devices

Due to time constraints, many parents are opting for the sleep positioning devices for the infant. CPSC has currently come up with stiff warning against the use of such devices. SIDS is resulted due to use of such slip positioning devices. In many cases these devises are causing suffocation and strangulation for the babies. Contrary to the popular belief that such devices will keep the child in perfect position for sleep, they are causing suffocation most of the times.

Sleep Mats with Side Bolsters

Mats can be flat or have wedge-shaped base. Some of the mats may have the packaging that would help reduce the reflux of the babies as well as flat head syndromes. But the recent warning issued by FDA suggests that possibilities of such benefits are rare while the risks of suffocation are much greater due to use of the devices.

It is time that parents should realize that special products are not required for safe sleep of the babies. Traditional baby cribs and baby mattresses can be quite useful provide they are quality products and durable. The point to remember is that the baby should always sleep on its back and not otherwise.
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