Specifications for an NGK Glow Plug

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    Metal Glow Plug For AQGS

    • This NGK glow plug is able to increase its temperature quicker than other NGK glow plugs, which enables the engine to warm up quicker when it is turned on. These plugs make the temperature rise to operating temperature very rapidly, which reduces the emissions and the engine start-up time. The Metal Glow Plug For AQGS has has a 11 VDC current that allows the plug to heat up to 1,000 degrees Celsius in two seconds.

    SRM Glow Plug

    • The SRM glow plug is installed in vehicles that need afterglow power distribution. The SRM plug has a long operating life because of the materials it is made of. The SRM plug will reach 800 degrees Celsius in 4.5 seconds. The plug will also allow the emissions to be reduced significantly and will save energy for the vehicle.

    QGS-Type Glow Plug (Two Materials)

    • The QGS type glow plug is able to increase the temperature quickly to reduce the engine start-up time and is made of combined coils, which prevent the plugs from overheating. These particular plugs are used for general vehicles. These plugs will reach 600 degrees Celsius in six seconds.

    General-Type Glow Plug

    • General type glow plugs are designed for general vehicles, These plugs have a constant current running to them, and the resistance of the heat generation coil is not affected by the temperature of the engine.

    Rapidly Heating Glow Plug

    • Rapidly heating glow plugs allow the heat to rise quickly. The plug temperature increases quickly after the vehicle is turned on. The resistance of the plug is small, and the current will be able to continually run to the plug. If the resistance of the plug gets too high, it will be decreased with a small current from the vehicle.

    QGS-Type Glow Plug (One Material)

    • The one material QGS type glow plug allows a high amount of current to pass through the heat generating coil. This is able to happen because of the large amount of current that passes through the small plug, reducing vehicle emissions and improving starting time and engine performance. The engine's firing time will be improved and this will enable the engine to combust the fuel better, which will increase horsepower.

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