Use Some Common Sense to Get Love Back

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Winning back a lost love does not mean bombarding them with messages and phone calls, or hoping they'll show up at their favourite cafe or restaurant.
They send flowers and gifts; even wait outside their home for a chance meeting.
This is completely the wrong thing to do and merely serves to make one look like a stalker.
It's wrong, not just because in extreme cases it can make you look like a stalker, but also because it can make one look rather desperate.
This is not only unappealing in itself, but it can also lead to your ex simply leading you on.
This is because she may lose all respect for you, and find that your texts and hanging around outside her house irritating, and use it to make a mockery of you.
So don't do it! In fact you need to do the opposite; you almost need to play games with her.
For example, if there is a particular girl that you know she doesn't like, date her! Pay your ex no attention at all if you are in a room somewhere with a group of people.
This way, your ex is seeing you giving your attention to everyone but not her.
This is something that she will find difficult as she will see just what she is missing.
Be courteous towards your ex, but do not engage in conversation, and if she talks to you, be friendly and polite, smile and keep it very brief.
In fact, if you really want her to think about you, use her as a friend.
Ask her for her advice on where to take such and such a girl (now that you're just friends).
This will make her perhaps a little jealous, which gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with her and you will be able to tell if she is still interested in you, after all, you don't want the embarrassment of rejection if you approach her and find out that she really is not interested in you at all.
If this approach is not for you, try this.
Have yourself some "me time".
Get out there and do things you've always wanted to do.
Take a holiday, visit friends you haven't seen for a while.
You know, as you get out and about you will be surprised at the number of people who like you.
This may sound strange, but after a breakup people can easily lose self confidence, and this shows.
The fact is, most women like happy, confident guys.
As you spend more time doing what you want to do and meeting people, new and old, you will start to get your emotions under control and your self esteem will improve dramatically.
Your ex will no doubt hear through the grapevine that you're out and about and happy, which makes you much more attractive in her eyes, and will encourage her to get in contact with you if she still feels anything.
In addition, with your regained self confidence, you may find that your new life is just fine, and that the split was the best thing that has happened to you for a long time.
Fact is, you will be able to think rationally and decide where your future path lies.
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