Four Frequently Asked Questions About Couture Wedding Dresses

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Couture wedding dresses are probably one of the most exciting yet frustrating things on your wedding to-do list. So many choices, so many opinions, the extreme pressure to get the best one the one thats within your budget, and yet makes you look the best youve ever been all your life and of course, the fact that this is what you will be wearing on the most important day of your life.
Dont worry, the fact that you are already looking at couture wedding dresses meaning youve narrowed down your choices among the myriad bridal gowns somewhat gives you a higher chance of making sure you get the best dress for you.
Here are a few questions most commonly asked about couture wedding dresses. Read on and find out what you can do to make the process easier.

What exactly does the term mean?

Couture, simply speaking, comes from the French word for sewing or dressmaking, which implies exclusive, custom-fitted clothing, made for the wearers exact measurements and body type and style. Strictly speaking, couture wedding dresses are therefore made-to-measure bridal gowns created by a very experienced designer-dressmaker or fashion house.
They can come in several types: at the lower end of the spectrum are those based on existing styles and patterns; while at the high end they involve original designs, original patterns and multiple fittings. While all couture garments are definitely made to order, not all made-to-order gowns are necessarily considered couture. Pret-a-porter (off-the-rack) gowns from high-end designers may be mistaken for couture, but are definitely not.

What should I expect from my designer?

Different designers offer different sets of services at different prices. However, all should result in the bride having their dream dress. Ideally, the designer will work closely with the bride to come up with the perfect design, select and source the best fabrics, construct a pattern from measurements, and fit the first version of a pattern on you in muslin or calico - called the toile. Once the toile has been measured and adjusted for the perfect fit, the designer will then cut the fabric into the perfected pattern and have several fittings until the gown is completed. Depending on the budget, appliques, beading, embroidery and other embellishments are applied once the dress has been sewn.

Are they expensive?

There are many expert designers who are quite affordable. While the dress they make for you will definitely cost more than an ordinary department store ready-to-wear gown, chances are you will be able to find one that costs less than an off-the-rack dress from a high-end designer boutique.
Is it worth it?

The process of creating a one of a kind gown is definitely time consuming and requires a high level of creativity and expertise. This is why they will always definitely cost more than ready-to-wear gowns from department stores or big bridal shops. However, the higher quality, originality and perfect fit are definitely worth it and cannot be found in something thats ready-to-wear.

Whats more, the skills and training of professionals include a thorough knowledge of fabrics, colours, textures, tailoring and fitting. Youre also paying for expertise in what will suit you, your body type and theme. Is it worth it? You be the judge!

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