Online LPN to RN Programs - Another Option For Becoming an RN

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In order to obtain a license to practice nursing, students must first earn a bachelor's or associates degree.
To complete these degrees, many students opt to obtain a diploma from an approved nursing program.
Regardless of the degree path they choose, there are a number of colleges, universities, trade schools and online education centers that provide the nursing courses needed to obtain licensing as a LPN or RN.
In addition, many nurses who begin their careers as an LPN later attend these same institutions to continue their education and meet the licensing requirements to become an RN.
There are many accredited universities that offer "online LPN to RN programs" to provide LPNs with the additional requirements they need to take and pass the RN exam.
Like LPNs, RNs are required to pass an examination before they can obtain their nursing license, and may need to complete additional course work and education, depending on their area of specialty (e.
surgery, pediatrics).
These additional specialty courses can open up a wide array of advancement opportunities for the nursing student, once they complete the program.
All states require registered nurses to graduate from an approved nursing program and pass the NCLEX-RN, which is the national licensing exam, to become an RN.
For LPNs who want to move from LPN to RN, online education is often the most convenient method for taking the courses required to complete the licensing exam, because it allows them to study on their own schedule.
For instance if an LPN has small children or works during the day, he or she can take online training courses in the evenings, on weekends, or during other spare time.
Online education has quickly become popular due to its convenience, as well as the fact that it typically costs much less than traditional colleges and universities.
After successful completion of the LPN to RN program, the student will still need to satisfy any certification examinations before they will be issued an RN license.
Certification is very common and often required in order to practice nursing in a specialty field.
Nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners and nurse midwives are all required to complete educational courses as well as certification within their specialty.
An RN who was born and educated in a foreign country must obtain a work visa in order to practice in the United States.
These nurses are required to undergo a federal screening program to ensure that their education and license are equivalent to those of a nurse educated in the United States.
Online LPN to RN courses provide an advantage over attending trade schools, colleges and universities for many reasons, not the least of which is convenience.
The lower cost, online support, resources, and flexibility of online learning make it a wonderful choice for those with busy lives.
For a student who is caring, responsible, sympathetic and detail-oriented, a nursing degree is a perfect choice.
Students who possess self-discipline may find that online studies are an excellent choice for furthering their education.
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