Common Relationship Problems and How to Handle Them

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No matter how happy a couple is and how compatible they are with each other, they will still fight.
I know; the fact that every couple has relationship problems is little comfort when your relationship is going through a rough patch.
But what does make you feel better is that if others can solve their love problems, so can you.
In this article, I talk about two of the common relationship problems that are faced by people and what you can do to handle them.
Solving Relationship Problems Lack of communication: Almost all your problems can be solved if you simply knew how to communicate effectively with your partner.
Simply talking is not what communication is all about.
By effective communication I mean, your partner should understand exactly what it is you're trying to say.
For example, a man tells his woman - "Honey, the chicken you cooked today was absolutely wonderful".
Now the man was paying a compliment to his woman, but if she's not hearing him right her response could be something like, "What do you mean by TODAY? That means I'm a lousy cook most other days?" And that's how fights begin.
Thus, make sure your partner is getting the message that you want to send out and not something else.
A good way to ensure that is to ask your partner if they understood what you were saying.
If their answer is what you were trying to communicate, great! If not, you can tell them exactly what you meant so that misunderstandings and thus fights can be avoided.
Jealousy: The occasional jealousy in a relationship is very normal and can in fact be healthy.
However, if your partner gets all green faced with jealousy (the same goes for you too) every time you talk to someone from the opposite sex, then that is not normal and can cause problems in your relationship.
Ugly jealousy can be handled by first admitting to yourself that you are unreasonably jealous and then trying to understand the cause for it.
Is it because you've had previous bad experiences? Are you insecure because your parents may not have had a good marriage? Once you know where your insecurities stem from, you can then take the necessary steps to build your confidence and faith in your partner and avoid unnecessary relationship problems.
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