How to Repair a Samsung DLP TV

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    • 1). Secure the cable cords, antenna, external speakers and other connected equipment connections to the TV if it won't switch on. Tighten the cable cord connection from the TV to the cable system wall terminal.

    • 2). Plug the TV's power plug securely into the wall outlet if the TV still won't switch on. Verify that the house circuit breaker is flipped in the "On" position. Plug in another appliance into the wall outlet to confirm that it's working.

    • 3). Check that the TV is turned on and any connected equipment is also turned on if the TV still won't switch on. Press the "Source" button on the remote control and select the "TV" mode.

    • 4). Replace the batteries in the remote control if it doesn't work. Confirm that the batteries are installed correctly with the positive and negative ends matching the symbols in the battery housing unit. Aim the remote control within the recommended 23-foot range between it and TV, then press the "Power" button.

    • 5). Move the TV away from dusty, humid, hot or cold areas if the TV still doesn't switch on.

    • 6). Switch the channel if you don't hear any sound or see a picture.

    • 7). Press the "Mute" button once and if you still don't hear any sound, press the "Vol+" button until you hear sound.

    • 8). Adjust the TV's brightness and contrast settings if you still don't see a picture. Press the "Menu" button on the remote control. Use the arrow buttons to make your selections and level adjustments. Select "Picture." Press the "Enter" button twice and select "Dynamic," "Movie," "Standard" or "Custom" mode. Press the "Enter" button. Select "Contrast." Press the "Enter" button. Move the slider to adjust the contrast level. Select "Brightness." Press the "Enter" button. Move the slider to adjust the brightness level. Press the "Exit" button when finished.

    • 9). Check your VCR tracking feature if the display rolls vertically.

    • 10

      Turn the TV off, then unplug it if problems still occur. Wait one minute, then replug it and turn it back on.

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