Indoor and Outdoor Birthday Party Games

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Birthdays are very important to children, and parents love to see their kids smile when they are surrounded by friends and family and are having a good time.
Planning a birthday party can be a difficult process and getting the party games right can be one of the most difficult aspects of the whole party.
Here are some suggestions for having great party games both indoors and out.
Indoor Some birthday parties will almost always require that they be played inside.
This is particularly true of winter birthdays.
Just because you can't go outside to play doesn't mean that you can't still have a great time and do lots of fun things inside too.
Depending on the age of the child, there are many different games that can be played inside for a birthday party.
For younger children, something like a bean bag toss or similar game can be a great game to play inside.
It will still require some space, but most homes are able to accommodate enough space to play a game like this.
For a little older crowd, you could have them all sit down and make some kind of craft or project at the table.
This will probably be more popular with girls and they will want to take the extra time to make their craft perfect in every way.
For older children and even teenagers, you can have them play something like the telephone game.
This is basically when the whole group of people sit in a circle to try and pass on a message without it getting all jumbled before it gets to the last person.
Almost inevitably, the original message is messed up, even with only a few people in and can get very funny, especially with a large group of people.
There are also many other games that can be played while sitting in a circle around a table or on the floor.
Spin the bottle is one that may not be encouraged by most people, but an approved variation could still be fun for your kid and their friends.
Outdoor Outdoor games can be very exciting and a lot of fun for everyone involved.
But outdoor games really only work well if the weather is nice and isn't going to interfere with the game itself.
Tag is a classic outdoor game and there are so many variations on the theme that the possibilities are almost endless.
Freeze tag for younger children is fun and toilet tag for older kids can also be fun and challenging.
Tag is the type of game that will either degenerate into just running around and screaming or children will get bored because there isn't enough happening.
Be prepared for either situation and be ready to do something else and new quickly so that your party will stay on track.
Water balloon volleyball is a great game that can be played by older children and teenagers.
The game will require a volleyball net or something similar to be set up in the yard.
You'll also need a large sheet for each team participating and a lot of water balloons.
Depending on the group of kids and how long the party is, you may also want to have them bring swimming suits if and when the game devolves into a water fight.
Whether you are going to have a birthday party outside, inside or a combination of both, make sure that you have enough options to keep everyone entertained and that they will have a great time no matter how many games actually end up getting played.
A little creativity and some careful planning will go a long way when you are planning your next birthday party.
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