How to Keep the Aspect Ratio With Any DVD Converter

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    • 1). Figure out the aspect ratio of your DVD. It will either be a standard DVD or a widescreen DVD. A standard DVD has a 4:3 aspect ratio, while a widescreen DVD has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

    • 2). Calculate how large you want your output to be. Your video size will need to fit the ratio of your DVD. For example, if you make your video 720 pixels wide, a 4:3 video will have to be 540 pixels high. Some examples of pixel sizes for 4:3 video are 720 by 540 (large), 360 by 270 (medium) and 240 by 180 (small).Some pixel sizes for 16:9 video are 853 by 480 (large), 480 by 270 (medium) and 320 by 180 (small). Avoid sizes below 180 pixels high, as these will be too small to watch.

    • 3). Navigate to the options menu by selecting the "Options" button at the bottom left of the Any DVD Converter screen.

    • 4). Click on the "Video" tab.

    • 5). Enter your required width in the space marked "Width." Enter your required height in the space marked "Height."

    • 6). Click "OK" to return to the software and continue the encoding process as usual.

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